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Cataract is a condition we often treat here at Clinica London. We have highly trained consultants, the latest cataract technology, and a state of the art facility.

We often blog about cataracts to keep our patients educated about the condition, how it is caused, who treats it, the technology used to treat it and frequently asked questions that patients have for us.

At Clinica London, Mr Jaheed Khan and Ms Laura Crawley are our experienced cataract surgeons. To learn more about the condition or the consultants, follow our blog, subscribe to our newsletter or contact us.

Blog posts about cataract

Why it’s important to treat dry eye syndrome before cataract surgery

Tear osmolarity is a useful test to do before cataract surgery to substantiate a clinical diagnosis of dry eye disease and to encourage patients to undergo dry eye treatment before cataract surgery. Taking care of patients' dry eyes prior to intraocular surgery provides them with a better external eye environment, better biometry measurements and more comfortable eyes.

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Mr Khan tells us about laser treatment for posterior capsular opacification after cataract surgery

Some patients develop a little bit of mistiness after a cataract surgery. That might be Posterior capsular opacification (POC) which a small percentage of people experience after cataract surgery - We can treat this condition with the Lumenis Duet laser.

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Mr Khan outlines the safety and potential risks of cataract surgery

After cataract surgery, redness, pain or blurriness are red flag symptoms! When undergoing cataract surgery, you should be aware of the risks that can occur. For a cataract surgery, 4% is the quoted national standard for minor complications. Find out more on this blog post with Jaheed Khan.

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The increased risk of cataracts in patients with diabetes

Diabetic patients have an increased risk of getting a cataract. A high level of glucose in your blood can make the lens inside your eye mistier. If you are concerned, don't miss this interview with Jaheed Khan.

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