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Cataract is a condition we often treat here at Clinica London. We have highly trained consultants, the latest cataract technology, and a state of the art facility.

We often blog about cataracts to keep our patients educated about the condition, how it is caused, who treats it, the technology used to treat it and frequently asked questions that patients have for us.

At Clinica London, Mr Jaheed Khan and Ms Laura Crawley are our experienced cataract surgeons. To learn more about the condition or the consultants, follow our blog, subscribe to our newsletter or contact us.

Blog posts about cataract

Retinal disease: Diabetes can lead to loss of vision

There are millions of patients who suffer from type 2 diabetes, which is the type that has an onset in adulthood and which is often associated with a poor diet rich in sugars and saturated fats. Most of us are unaware of this condition and we do not know much about the implications for the eyes.

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A Masterclass on Urgent Eye Problems

Mr Jaheed Khan invites you to "A Masterclass on Urgent Eye Problems" and gives an insight into the most common eye conditions requiring immediate treatments.

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Advances and Controversies in Cataract Surgery

Advances and Controversies in Cataract Surgery The increased life expectancy is one of the main reasons why cataracts affect over 100 million people in the world. Yesterday, we had a new machine introduced at Clinica London, called the Optos Californian, and I was a test subject. My vision is excellent. I can see with my [...]

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Cataract Awareness – Part 3

Cataract Awareness - The surgery In this third and final post about cataracts, I will tell you a little about the surgery involved. Can I have both cataracts operated on at the same time? It is best to stage the surgery about one or two weeks apart. Although surgery is very safe, the minute [...]

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Cataract Awareness – Part 2

Cataract awareness - Do you need cataract treatment? In this second blog on cataract awareness, I will tell you about how you know if you have a cataract and whether you need cataract treatment. How do I know if I have a cataract? Cataracts usually develop slowly and gradually affect the vision. Most cataracts [...]

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Cataract Awareness – Part 1

Cataract Awareness - What are cataracts? Today I want to make you aware of cataracts. June was Cataract Awareness Month and this awareness continues all year round! Cataracts are such a common eye disease and so important to know about, that I want to write three short blogs. This first blog is about what [...]

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