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We often blog about medical dermatology and the different conditions we treat. The purpose it to inform patients of treatments, advancements in technology and the techniques we use. At Clinica London, Ms Jennifer Crawley is our dermatologist. The dermatology conditions we treat are:

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Blogs about dermatology

Dermatology skin blog: Screening for Skin Cancer

Should you screen your skin for skin cancers caused by sun UV, such as malignant melanoma? In this blog post, I discuss how you can help detect small skin cancers such as basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and early malignant melanoma.

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Go to the sun in the afternoon, what should you do to protect your skin?

In this second of two blog posts on the subject of protecting your skin from the sun in sunny climes, I share some tips on how to avoid damaging UV if you are on holiday in the Mediterranean or Southern Europe. UVA and UVB cause skin cancers and wrinkled, thin old looking skin. In this post, I recommend how you can both enjoy the sun and avoid too much sun exposure for your skin, in the afternoon, and enjoy cool, refreshing evenings.

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Go to the sun in the morning, what should you do to protect your skin?

Are you getting more sun than usual? In this timely blog post, I discuss how to protect your skin from too much sun, specifically in the morning. If you are on holiday in the Mediterranean or Southern Europe, or anywhere where there is a lot of sunshine and high temperatures, UV from the sunshine can cause serious skin cancers and thin, wrinkled skin. In this first of two posts, I suggest a daily pattern of living whilst on holiday which may suit some of you and protect you from excess sun.

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Skin health, sleep and environmental factors on skin ageing

The effects of pollution on skin health have been studied by researchers and recognised as causing ageing skin. There are some advices to reduce skin damage. Jennifer Crawley is the Consultant Dermatologist at Clinica London and will be pleased to advise you how you can reduce the environmental influences on your skin ageing.

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Skin Ageing and Sun: What happens in Photoaging?

Skin ageing is characterised by thinness, laxity, wrinkles and dyspigmentation. The external factors or extrinsic factors that cause extrinsic ageing include sunlight exposure, cigarette smoking, air pollution and sleep deprivation. Sunlight exposure causes photoaging, which is a histological and clinical consequence of chronic ultraviolet light exposure.

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