Event debrief: A Glaucoma Masterclass for GP’s and Optometrists by Clinica Consultant Laura Crawley

On 21 March 2017, Clinica Consultant Ophthalmologist Laura Crawley taught a sold out Glaucoma Masterclass for GP’s and Optometrists.

The event was focused on acute Glaucoma and emergency high eye pressure. The following points were covered in Ms Crawley’s presentation:

  • Identify acutely raised IOP in the GP surgery reliably with focused questions and basic examinations with a pen torch
  • Understand the emergency referral pathway and when is the essential time for treatment
  • Identify the role of lens surgery in managing this condition from the medium to long-term
  • Recognise other causes of acutely raised IOP such as uveitis, trauma and vascular occlusions and how the treatment paradigm is different

The evening began with light canapes and soft drinks at Clinica London. This was followed by the lecture by Ms Crawley and a short Q&A session. Afterwards, the participants had discussions about their clinical practice and needs.

At the end of the event, the participants were asked to fill out feedback forms. Of the participants who filled the form out, they said that they found the event interesting and informative and well prepared. They also said Ms Crawley stimulated interesting discussion, was good at explaining the content and built a good rapport with them.

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