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Eyelid Surgery

  • Conditions Treated

    Chalazia / Eyelid cysts / Skin tags / Pigmented eyelid lesions / Entropion / ectropion / Ptosis / Drooping, hooded and baggy eyelids / Eyelid and face skin cancers and other tumours

  • Treatable Areas

    Eyelids / Peri-ocular / Face including forehead / Cheeks / Nose / Lip

  • Prices

    Eyelid Surgery from £150 Full pricelist

  • Practitioner


  • Downtime

    Small cysts and lumps 1 -3 days / Ptosis 7 – 10 days / Blepharoplasty 5 – 21 days / Eyelid, peri-ocular, face reconstruction 5 – 21 days

  • Your Specialists

Jane Olver

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon
Eyelid & Lacrimal Specialist

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Eyelid Surgery

The Problem

At Clinica London we frequently look after patients with eyelid chalazia or cysts, with small lumps and bumps such as sebaceous cysts, skin tags and raised pigmented or non-pigmented lesions on the eyelids, who require minor eyelid surgery. We treat eyelids that turn inwards so that the lashes are irritating the eye (entropion and trichiasis) , or outwards causing watering (ectropion).

We specialise in the treatment of drooping eyelids (ptosis) and hooded upper eyelids or baggy lower eyelids, who require an eyelid lifting (blepharoplasty) surgery.

Working closely with our dermatological colleagues we biopsy eyelids for diagnosis, excise eyelid tumours such as such as Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC), squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), pigmented tumours, and other growths on the eyelids, peri-ocular area and other parts of the face.

The Treatment

All eyelid oculoplastic surgery is carried out at Clinica London under local anaesthetic as an out-patient or day-case in our pleasant relaxing Care Quality Commission registered theatre and surrounds.

We work closely with our dermatological colleagues for patients with suspected skin cancers on the eyelids, peri-ocular area and face, using Mohs’ micrographic excision if indicated. We excise tumours on the face including the brow, cheeks, nasolabial fold, nose and lip. Reconstruction of the eyelid, peri-ocular and face is done using delicate oculoplastic surgery, often with flaps and grafts, respecting the natural lines and curves of the eyelids and face, to maintain a very natural and functional outcome.

The Results

The results of eyelid oculoplastic surgery are very good as the eyelid, peri-ocular and face areas have an excellent blood supply and scarring is either not visible or minimal after just a few weeks. Smaller lesions repair within days.

Product Range

Our product range includes:

  • Very fine Prolene or Vicryl (absorbable) sutures
  • Tisseel Fibrin Adhesive for wound closure
  • Kelacote UV silicone scar gel

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What our patients say

“Dr Jane Olver was fantastic! She was so caring and sweet and it was clear that she knew what she was doing – very professional! I am absolutely over the moon with my results now!”
“If you have a similar problem, Jane Olver is your woman – I wish I had found her at the start. I will be forever grateful for her care and expertise.”
Nancy W.
“Just wanted to thank you for your exceptional assistance with my eye condition. I was so worried but you really helped me feel at ease.”
David T.

Hi Jenny,

I would just like to thank you and the team, particularly Jane and Estrella, for the treatment I had last Friday. It was a pleasure to be there, the premises are excellent (I’m a builder and appreciate property) and the professionalism and care that was extended to me was equally excellent. I can’t fault any part of the process whatsoever and am pleased that the procedure seems to have been successful and my eyelid has settled down to its normal state..

Thank you again

Rob Swallow, Your Content Goes Here

The Highest Quality

We are accredited with the major private health and professional specialty bodies who have bestowed upon us the qualifications to carry out aesthetic and medical treatments at the highest levels of quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

The local anaesthetic eye drops may sting for 20 seconds and local anaesthetic injection sting whilst being injected sub-cutaneously, after which you should feel no pain whatsoever. After the surgery you will either require no analgesia or just paracetamol in the first 24 to 28 hours
Eyelid cysts 10-30 minutes
Ptosis, up to one hour per eyelid
Blepharoplasty 90 – 180 minutes depending on number of eyelids
Reconstructive surgery usually 30-90 minutes
The surgical results are seen immediately. It then, howver, takes btween 3 days to 21 days for all swelling, bruising, redness to settle, depending on what type of eyelid, peri-ocular or face surgery has been done.
The results are usually long lasting.