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Who are we?

Clinica London is a clean, calm, professional and quality clinic, offering expertise for most of the sub-specialities of ophthalmology, aesthetic and medical dermatology. Miss Olver, who founded the clinic in 2008, wants Clinica London to be the best private eye clinic in London, though not necessarily the biggest. Clinica London is Harley Street’s Private Skin and Eye Clinic at 140 Harley Street, London, with a vision for excellence in all that we do.

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Professional Education for GPs and Optometrists

Our consultants routinely offer professional seminars with education credits (CPD / CET) for GPs and Optometrists at our Harley Street clinic in Central London.

Events are scheduled in the evenings. We offer canapés and chilled fizzy Prosecco and non-alcoholic drinks. Presentations are followed by a short Q&A session afterwards followed by networking and drinks.

Please see our calendar of events for our upcoming events and register. Read about our most recent events here.

Event calendar

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