How does the amblyopia treatment work?

Over the age of three years there are two methods of treatment.
One is to put a patch on the good eye, so we’re forcing the brain to use the bad eye to see better.
And the result is that new neuronal connections are made and the brain starts taking on board what’s happening in that eye.
Another way of doing it, is instead of patching, which is a few hours every day, we can go for drops. So we put a drop in the good eye, but that needs only to happen on the weekend, so on a Saturday and a Sunday.
Wen put only one drop on each day.
And that has been found to have the same effect as putting a patch on every day. So some parents prefer that, because it’s much more easier for the child and also some children prefer that.

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Mr Ashwin Reddy is a Consultant Paediatric Ophthalmologist at Clinica London. His special expertise is in treating children’s eyes with squint and amblyopia, including retinal problems, congenital watering eyes, drooping eyelid and concern re visual development. He has over 11 years of experience in treating children with eye problems, and has published extensively in ophthalmic journals about treating children’s eye conditions. He also teaches medical students at Queen Mary College, London University. At Clinica London he is responsible for children’s eyes.

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