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112, 2017

Professor Michaelides as a medical retinal expert on inherited retinal diseases

By | December 1st, 2017|Categories: Inherited Retinal Diseases, Michel Michaelides|

Inherited Retinal Diseases (IRD) are a group of 300 different conditions. A lot of specialist knowledge is required therefore to be a good practitioner in this area. A medical retinal expert on inherited retinal diseases, Professor Michel Michaelides further explains what Inherited Retinal Diseases are in this blog post.

3011, 2017

Michel Michaelides on his private practice, research and the NHS

By | November 30th, 2017|Categories: Inherited Retinal Diseases, Michel Michaelides|

Michel Michaelides is internationally and nationally well known for his expertise, and he is also involved in a lot of research projects. In this blog post, Jane Olver interviews Professor Michaelides to find out how he is so organised and efficient, and a little more about what inherited retinal diseases are.

2911, 2017

Jennifer Crawley is a Children’s Skin doctor who also does Adult Dermatology

By | November 29th, 2017|Categories: Dermatology, Jennifer Crawley|

In this blog post, I interview Dr Jennifer Crawley about her expertise as a children’s skin doctor, an area she specialises in. She tells us about the range of children’s skin problems she treats here at Clinica London.

2811, 2017

Jennifer Crawley talks about skin comfort and clothing for patients with psoriasis

By | November 28th, 2017|Categories: Dermatology, Jennifer Crawley, Psoriasis|

Patients with psoriasis, and indeed eczema, should wear loose clothes from natural fibres such as cotton and linen to reduce overheating, sweating, and avoid synthetic clothing that can rub on the inflamed skin lesions. In this post, we discuss these topics and more with Dr Jennifer Crawley.

2711, 2017

Dr Jennifer Crawley talks about Light Treatment for Psoriasis

By | November 27th, 2017|Categories: Dermatology, Jennifer Crawley, Psoriasis|

Psoriasis is treated with topical therapy (e.g. creams), light treatment and systemic drugs. In this blog post, Dr Jennifer Crawley explains how specific light treatment for psoriasis is different from just going out in the sun or moving to a sunnier clime.

2611, 2017

Dr Jennifer Crawley on aggravating factors for psoriasis

By | November 26th, 2017|Categories: Dermatology, Jennifer Crawley, Psoriasis|

If you have psoriasis, you should avoid aggravating factors such as stress, alcohol intake, infection, being very overweight, lack of exercise and smoking. In this post, I interview Dr Jennifer Crawley about how these factors can worsen the effects of psoriasis.

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