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TearFill ™ provides you with a natural refreshed look

  • Conditions Treated

    Deep tear trough hollows

  • Treatable Areas

    Eyes / Tear troughs

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  • Downtime

    Puffiness and bruise 1 to 5 days, usually discreet and can be concealed with concealer cream. Patient can return to work or go out to dinner or theatre same day.

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Jane Olver

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon
Eyelid & Lacrimal Specialist

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TearFill ™

The Problem

The patient with deep tear trough hollows in the under eye area can look very tired and as if they have not had enough sleep and rest.

The Treatment

At Clinica London, the oculoplastic doctors treat tear trough hollows and dark circles under the eyes with hyaluronic acid (HA) gel delivered into the tear trough area and upper cheek eyelid junction via a tiny entry point on each side of the face remote from the eye area. A fine cannula is used, occasionally aided by tiny direct injection. This reduces the risk of bruising and greatly diminishes discomfort.

The Results

We gently introduce the gel to give a natural refreshed look. This technique is minimally invasive and is done by eye doctors skilled in the anatomy and surgery around the eyes, and trained in oculoplastic procedures and surgery.

Product Range

Our product range includes:

  • TearFill ™

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What our patients say

“Dr Jane Olver was fantastic! She was so caring and sweet and it was clear that she knew what she was doing – very professional! I am absolutely over the moon with my results now!”
“If you have a similar problem, Jane Olver is your woman – I wish I had found her at the start. I will be forever grateful for her care and expertise.”
Nancy W.
“Dear Jane,
I just wanted to say thank you for seeing me at such short notice. I felt much better after speaking to you and being reassured. I am much calmer and actually got some sleep last night.
I would also like to thank Ingrid, who was so lovely and very professional.
Best wishes, Catherine M.”
Catherine M.
“Thank you for forwarding the medical report. Please convey my thanks to Jane, I was deeply impressed by the politeness and empathy shown to me. I found the surgery very peaceful and beautifully decorated and I hope to see Jane again soon. Jeffrey W.”
Jeffrey W.
“I highly recommend Jane Olver. The whole experience was calm,and highly professional..”
Lorraine M.

The Highest Quality

We are accredited with the major private health and professional specialty bodies who have bestowed upon us the qualifications to carry out aesthetic and medical treatments at the highest levels of quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Restylane used in Tearfill contains lignocaine and so it is virtually painless. The Tearfill is done using a single entry point on the upper outer cheek and that entry point is first prepared with a tiny bleb of local anaesthetic to prevent discomfort. The canula is passed through the soft tissue to the tear trough hollow and this is barely felt at all. The actual injection is not felt at all.

Usually the Tearfill treatment takes between 25 and 40 minutes, average half an hour.
The results are seen immediately.

Tearfill lasts a minimum of 6 months and, depending on how much is used and precise location, can last up to a year.