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Dark Circles

Dark circles

Dark circles are deep tear trough hollows in the under eye area can look very tired and as if they have not had enough sleep and rest. It is a hollowing around the tear trough area and around the malar area.


Causes of dark circles

Most often a few factors cause dark circles. These factors include genetic colouring of the skin or a thin skin with semi-visible eye muscle below it. Other factors include cheek descent with hollowing in the tear trough area at the top of the cheek (triangular atrophy) and the malar line plus nasojugal line, (the nasojugal line being the trans cheek depression and hollow which forms between fat pads as the cheek descends with age).


Treatment of Dark Circles

For dark circles, we can do medical treatments to try to improve the reflection of the light there. Many people try various creams, various skin tightening procedures that are non-surgical. But the main way of treating dark circles is with hyaluronic acid gel and using TearFill. That is a special technique of using a cannula, to achieve a very gentle fill just around the dark circles, so they are slightly more elevated beyond your normal tissue.

TearFill is used through a single port cannula. I then introduce approximately 0.5 ml of Restylane and Lidocaine in little layers to the deep tissue of the tear trough. This usually addresses the dark circles.

Keeping the skin well hydrated will also contribute for rejuvenation around the eyes. Eye creams such as those by La Roche-Posay will also help eye rejuvenation.


How much does treatment cost?

Prices will depend upon the type of procedure carried out and the individual patient. For tear fill treatment in London at Clinica, prices range from £750-£1800. Consultation fees are not included.

For a consultation in London at Clinica, prices range from £200-£400.


What is the next step?

Please book a consultation for a written quote with a full breakdown of treatment costs.

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