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Malar bags, Jowls, & Midface Descents

With ageing, the upper cheeks lose fat, sag and the mid-face drops (mid-face ptosis). Hollowness below the eyes with evident tear troughs may develop, which can be very evident. Tear troughs are usually treated with filler and can be aided by blepharoplasty or a mid-face lift.


Types of Midface Descent

However, there is a type of mid-face descent with an excess of skin and fluid which are known as

  • Malar bags
  • Festoons



The term ‘jowls’ refers to lower face jawline sagging when the mid-face and the lower face has dropped and is usually treated surgically with a facelift.

Patients can have a combination of tear trough hollows, mid-face ptosis, malar bags/festoon, and jowls. Hence the treatment for each patient is specific and varies but may include filler, blepharoplasty, mid-face lift and facelift (or a combination of these).

Malar bags, Jowls and Midface Descent 1


If you are considering Malar Bags, Jowls or Midface Descents treatment you can see our prices for treatment and consultation.

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