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Loss of facial volume (tear troughs)

With age, there can be a loss of fat in the upper cheeks contributing to the cheek muscles and mid-face to sag. This results in hollowness below the eyes, giving a tired, aged appearance. When this affects the area between the lower lid and the cheek it is often referred to as a tear trough hollow or an orbito-malar groove. Tear trough hollows may present in patients who also have wrinkles, dermatochalasis, and ageing skin.

All of these conditions can be treated to improve the final result, using a combined approach of medical rejuvenation with filler, biostimulation (Sculptra) and  botulinum toxin A injection, skincare, and oculoplastic (eyelid) surgery.

SculptEyes ™ and SculptVisage ™

SculptEyes ™ and SculptVisage ™ are unique procedures to Clinica London which have been designed and created by Ms Jane Olver. Using Ms Olver’s vast experience in oculoplastics and aesthetic treatments she has devised SculptEyes ™ to help rejuvenate the peri-ocular area, including the temples, upper lateral brow, the tear troughs and upper cheek area. Ms Olver has also devised  SculptVisage ™ to rejuvenate the whole face and particularly the cheeks to create a healthy rejuvenated face and eye area.

The Treatment

The treatments use Sculptra (poly L lactic acid) for bio-stimulation. This is a combination of a fine cannula and direct injection, performed by an Oculoplastic surgeon.

The Results

After the treatment, patients can expect a youthful appearance with a healthy and natural refreshed look. The eye area, in particular, can be enhanced using this method.


Miss Jane Olver

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon
Oculoplastic Eyelid & Lacrimal Specialist
Medical Director

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