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A Passion for Excellence

Jane Olver explains the philosophy behind Clinica London

Crossing the threshold at 140 Harley Street, means entering a unique haven of understated beauty, coupled with an inexplicable quiet, lightness of touch.
It is not an accident that visitors to Clinica London should feel a sense of tranquillity greet them as soon as they arrive.
“We were lucky to have such a gracious building to start with”, explains Clinica London’s founder and consultant ophthalmic, plastic and aesthetic surgeon, Jane Olver.
Within this historically spacious environment, Jane has created a private clinic where she specialises in eyelids, tearducts and rejuvenation treatments.
Emerging in the UK since 2000, this field of oculoplastics is a relatively new sub specialism within the world of ophthalmic medicine.
Jane speaks about the natural link between the aesthetic and medical side of her work. “With oculoplastics you always try to do things as beautifully as possible – this is the nature of the speciality.”
“We are all aware of what we look like; we look at our own faces- and also those of our colleagues, friends and family – every day.
“I see in faces not just their personality but also where they are aging. For genetic reasons, some people age more in one part of the face than another. This means that someone might come to me in their thirties looking rather old around the eyes – just needing some rejuvenation there – while the rest of the face is fine.
“Another person, in their fifties, might benefit from more extensive work on their forehead, orbital, eyelids, upper cheeks and maybe even some rejuvenation to the lower face.
“I have learned to examine faces and make good judgements.”
Jane, has also worked as a consultant in the NHS since 1994 and continues to do so.
“If I am reconstructing a patient’s eyelid after removal of a tumour for instance, I want my patient to look as beautiful as possible. They must not look disfigured in any way – I am constantly trying to achieve perfection.”
This goal of beauty and perfection is reflected throughout the Clinica environment.
“By creating my own independent clinic I can set my own very high standards – while ensuring that everything here flows through clean spacious areas in a quiet, delicate, light way so that patients don’t feel frightened.”
Throughout its two floors of high ceiling, majestic rooms, some decorated with classically-designed original stucco moldings, Clinica London continues the philosophy of creating beauty in a beautiful environment.
Each patient’s journey through Clinica is tailor made – depending on the nature of their treatment – with their comfort and wellbeing always paramount. Waiting and recovery times are spent in one of two reception rooms.
In addition to the two consulting rooms and treatment areas; there is also a meeting room where patients can enjoy freshly brewed coffee and tea and be welcomed by Clinica Manager, Anne Kingham, or another member of staff.
“We have no hidden areas in the clinic”, explains Jane, “the concept is that there is no large waiting area either. A patient who might be relaxing and wearing an eye mask after treatment will, for instance, be waiting in a different room from a patient who has just arrived for a consultation.”
Changing art exhibitions and an aquarium will also be enjoyed by Clinica visitors.
“The things that people see here in Clinica London are a feast for the eyes – everything is highly visual because our work is all related to ophthalmology and beauty”, said Jane.
London, 13th May 2011


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