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Look as young as you feel – An overview of aesthetic facial and periorbital treatments to rejuvenate the face

Once I have done the full aesthetic assessment, we discuss at the consultation what will be the best possible treatments for you individually.

There is a wide range of treatments available at Clinica London

Treatments range from

  • something as simple as a lightening or rejuvenating eye cream,
  • selective use of Botulinum toxin (Botox),
  • dermal fillers such as TearFill (with Restylane and Lidocaine) using a cannula,
  • Sculptra (poly-l-lactic acid) biostimulation or Ultherapy lifting (non-surgical facelift),
  • Intraceutical oxygen serum infusion treatment with hyaluronate, and
  • skin peels.

At Clinica London, we offer all the La Roche-Posay products which are paraben and perfume free. We also provide Heliocare sun protection and Intraceuticals and Tretinoin. We do facial peels with TCA, and soon we will be developing lighter glycolic acid in-house peels.

Fillers for lifting and volumising

For fillers, I offer the Restylane and Juvederm ranges. Each part of the face requires a different product depending on its lifting or volumising or softness features. However, in the tear trough, I still use Restylane and Lidocaine for TearFill as that has proved to be the most reliable in my hands with my experience over several years.

Ultherapy for non-surgical facelift and jowling

I use Ultherapy for non-surgical facelift and jowling. Ultherapy tightens the jowls and under mandible area. I use Ultherapy as part of the lower face rejuvenation to both lift and tighten the skin and reduce the under chin sagginess. Ultherapy is an ultrasonic guided treatment which delivers small packets of energy (thermal) to the deep dermis and superficial SMAS to stimulate the body’s collagen regeneration to lift and tighten. It can be thought of as a collagen biostimulator and has very little, in fact, zero downtime. I use it predominantly on my patients’ décolletage, neck and jowls, but I can also use it for full face rejuvenation and the brows around the eyes.
If you are having the full treatment with décolletage, neck and full face, this will probably take two sessions with one of our nurses, and it does take time to deliver the little packets of energy. We can see the collagen stimulation effect from six to eight weeks after the treatment, and the effect gradually progresses for six months. Ultherapy gives a natural looking rejuvenation, particularly for the lower face and jowls. It is non-invasive, and it does lift. It has no downtime.
Ultherapy treatment is the only non-invasive lifting treatment which has US FDA clearance; it is also EU CE mark certified. It is precise in its delivery and targets exactly the right depth of the tissue to stimulate the collagen regeneration creating the lift and tightening effect. This ultrasound treatment is linked to a constant ultrasonic visualisation of the layers of the skin and subcutaneous tissue to help its precision. There is no overlying redness.
We at Clinica London have been using Ultherapy since 2012, and our patients are returning to us for further maintenance treatment after about two years. They are two years older, and the collagen starts to remodel. If you would like to know more about Ultherapy as a primary treatment and then as maintenance treatments, please contact Clinica London and Estrella Gill, the nurse, will be pleased to assist you.
To have Ultherapy, you require initially to have an assessment with me, Miss Jane Olver, and with a nurse. We document the concern, we take photographs and agree whether or not you will be suitable for the Ultherapy. We then book you in to have this done with the nurse.
If it is the under the chin, upper neck and jowl area we can do it in one session. We invite you to the clinic about an hour before the Ultherapy treatment is due to start so that you could have local anaesthetic cream applied to the areas to be treated and given some light analgesia in the form of Paracetamol and Ibuprofen.
Although you can ‘feel’ Ultherapy, it does not require more than the above and together with the gentle and soothing approach by our nurses and the relaxing environment we make sure that your Ultherapy experience is the best possible and most comfortable.
Some patients want Eyelid surgery, and I will talk more about that in my next blog post.


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