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Aesthetic Rejuvenation Assessment

Enhance and Maintain: looking our best and feeling great the Clinica way
We all want to look our best and feel comfortable in our own skin – this is the certain route to confidence and a sense of well-being. However, achieving this deceptively simple goal is not always easy. To our untrained eye, the numerous eye and face treatments available can be quite baffling as we also struggle to select a medical eye or aesthetic clinic and eye doctor to carry them out.
We can easily become confused in the multi-faceted world of aesthetic rejuvenation where one false step can lead to debilitating disappointment and shattered dreams.
It is however reassuring to know that any successful rejuvenation programme should start with a detailed assessment carried out by a qualified and skilled medical expert in the field.
Oculoplastic surgeon Jane Olver typically takes up to an hour with her patients before recommending a programme of treatment and/or surgery.
The first part of her assessment begins with discovering what the patient feels about their own face and how it is ageing.
“I like to listen to them and find out their concerns”, she explains.
Jane then carries out a detailed examination of the skin quality while noting areas of excess skin and wrinkles starting with the upper and lower eyelid and the jawline.
“I then look at the overall volume of the face seeing if any areas are depressed or out of proportion; whether one part is ageing or has more of a problem than another part of the face.
“For instance, some people have tear troughs and big dark circles under the eyes which make them look very tired; others might have the genetic disposition to have hooded eyes – once these droopy eyelids are removed the whole face becomes balanced again.”
Jane and her Clinica London team are aware of how distressing it is to be the recipient of a negative comment.
“It is not gender specific – no man or woman wants to be told that they look tired or asked if they have been overworking – it saps their confidence.
“Of course you can influence your appearance by a hair style, clothes, regular visits to the gym; and now also by ‘doing your face’ … and there is no reason why not. We shouldn’t feel guilty about this.”
Being an ophthalmic and oculoplastic surgeon, Jane admits to always first noticing the eye area of every face because she believes it can transform the entire appearance.
“The first consultation is important – it is the foundation of any individual treatment plan.”
The founder of Clinica London added: “Some patients don’t expect such a detailed aesthetic assessment. I get a lot of online enquiries, for instance asking for a quote for say blepharoplasty.
“Some people have a fixed idea about needing a specific surgery and this is not necessarily what would suit them best.
The Clinica London aesthetic rejuvenation motto is: ‘Enhance and Maintain’ .
“We all want our appearance to age in a harmonic way. It is a matter of being comfortable in our own skin so that we feel confident.”
“It is essential to see a patient in person; and the cost of any treatment varies – a blepharoplasty, for instance, can be the removal of just skin or fatty tissue as well. It depends on the quality of the skin and it might also be a revision surgery procedure.
“Sometimes cosmetic treatments – such as fillers together with Botox – should also be considered”, Jane added.
Photographs of the patient are taken and any treatment plan will include skin care and sun damage treatment and sun protection advice. Also recommendations are made for improving the collagen and removal of any dark blemishes. In addition Jane’s assessment includes general skin care advice frequently followed by an Intraceuticals treatment carried out by our nurses. Using powerful anti-ageing ingredients, vitamins and antioxidants together with hyaluronic acid this treatment dramatically transforms the look and feel of the skin.
Patients leave their assessment session with a detailed report, information pack and quote for any recommended procedures as well as, possibly, some special products from the Clinica shop.
Jane concludes: “The aim is that any aesthetic rejuvenation treatment should not be noticeable as such. You shouldn’t be able to spot who has had something done.
“We want, instead, to achieve a natural healthy and fresh appearance.”


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