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What happens after an aesthetic assessment? Whenever a patient has an aesthetic assessment at Clinica London for any cosmetic treatment or surgery, they will have a proper consultation which produces a written report. This report is sent to the patient and their GP if they request it. The patient is given adequate information as well as time to think about any proposed treatments or surgery before going ahead.
On the day of the treatment or surgery, similarly to the patient’s aesthetic assessment, after any treatment or surgery, a written report is created. This report details what treatment or surgery has been done. The patient can keep that in their personal medical portfolio and have a record.
Often at Clinica London, I come across patients who do not know what they have had done at other clinics. For instance, they do not know which filler they have had, or they do not know what quantity they have had. They do not know whether their blepharoplasty included fat removal or just skin. They had not been told.
I know many patients do not want to know too much about their treatments. Still, it is good practice to keep a small medical portfolio at home, especially if you are attending several different doctors.  That way if one doctor asks about treatment from a different clinician, you have a record of it. This will help maintain your safety medically.


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