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How your age affects your face

Aesthetic Facial and Eye Rejuvenation at Clinica London

Cosmetic treatment of the eyes and face at Clinica London using aesthetic medical treatments and aesthetic eyelid surgery.
I recently wrote a series of three blogs called Age and your Face, where I spoke about the aesthetic conditions in men and women that we frequently treat at Clinica London. To summarise, I am going to take this by age group. A-C

A. Facial and eye rejuvenation for men and women age 25 – 40 years

In this first part, I will talk about the younger adult age group, aged 25 to 40. This group of men and women are interested in lip enhancement, acne, early wrinkles and lines, and tear trough hollowing or dark circles under the eyes. Usually, their skin is still of good quality without too much sun damage, melasma or hyperpigmentation and too many wrinkles.
We are interested in maintaining their youthful look with a little rejuvenating enhancement.

Lip Filler

At Clinica London, I specialise in lip filler using cannula technique, which does not require local anaesthetic cream applied before. I assess the patient’s lips, and we decide what final result they want to achieve and then depending on the layer in which I am injecting the Hyaluronic acid gel we aim to achieve either a volume, or a lifting, or a delineation, or a combination of all three. Usually, two small entry points on each side are required, one for the upper lip and one for the lower lip on each side. The cannula reaches the midpoint of the lip therefore very occasionally a single or two needle injections have to be made at the Cupid’s bow area. By using a cannula the amount of bruising and swelling is reduced, but not eliminated.


Young people aged 25-40 can still suffer from acne and for these patients I recommend they see Dr Jennifer Crawley, the dermatologist at Clinica London. She can advise on the best treatments, whether that be in the form of cleansing lotions, creams, antibiotics, antimicrobials on the skin or antibiotics by mouth, she will advise. If there is scarring, she will also recommend the best treatment for you that can be by injection or may require a laser.

Early Wrinkles

For early wrinkles in the age group 25-40, there is no better choice than Botox. At Clinica London, we do an initial botox assessment, which is for half an hour and establish which muscles the client wants to have treated. I then assess all the muscles of the face and around the eyes particularly and then we are in a position to carry out our first treatment. I would start by aiming to undercorrect as we never know at the first treatment how that the patient is going to respond and therefore after signed informed consent and carrying out the first treatment we include in that package a return visit at one to two weeks in case a small top-up is required. That way we establish what is going to be the best pattern of injections and dosages to use for that patient going forwards.

Tear Troughs

The age group 25-40, both men or women, are very conscious of their appearance and under eye area, particularly if they are developing what they regard as a tired look from under eye hollows or deep tear troughs. For this group, I do a special assessment of the facial volume about the eye projection. I advise them about what is going on and explain to them and in fact, show them with the help of a small hand mirror on the desk between us how I can help address the problem of their lower lid cheek hollowing. This will very often include some eye creams to use from La Roche-Posay that can lighten the area or reduce the wrinkles or rehydrate. Almost most definitely it is going to include advice on TearFill, which is Restylane and Lidocaine by cannula into the tear troughs. I usually combine the TearFill with Restylane or Juvederm filler to the upper cheek lid junction. I do this because part of the pathophysiology or origin of the deep hollowed tear trough is that there is soft tissue descent and often bony structure lacking in the upper midface and this needs to be built up to support the filler likely placed in the tear trough.

Early Jowling

Non-surgical Skin tightening with Ultherapy in the 25 to 40 age group.
Some young men and women notice early jowls and under chin sagging, not really when they are around 25, but by the time they are getting close to 35-40. They begin to see a change in the mid and lower face that bothers them, and they start to think that they may be looking more like their parents and of course, their parents are older than them. For this age group, I recommend a combination of filler very lightly in strategic areas of the mid and lower face using Hyaluronic acid gel such as Restylane and Juvederm to lift the cheeks and delineate the jawline slightly.
I also recommend Ultherapy to the upper neck, under the chin and lower face to help tighten and maintain a distinct youthful jaw area. The Ultherapy is effective in stimulating the patient’s collagen to tighten and lift. Its duration is approximately 18-24 months, but we offer a follow up maintaining visit at 6 and 12 months and if any top-up is required within the first two years that is done at a lower price than the original price per line at the original treatment.
Bear in mind that Ultherapy does not start to work until 6 to 8 weeks after treatment and reaches a maximum around about six months. Most patients will wait until one year to return for their maintenance treatment. The maintenance treatment includes fewer lines and helps keep their face toned and youthful.


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