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My age pigmented spots: Lentigenes
There are many types of pigmented skin lesions and lentigenes. Some can cause concern including age spots (long-term blemishes). They appear on the face and the back of the hands. We also call these age spots lentigines or lentigo or liver spots. They are flat patches of pigmented skin, brown or black, which are sharply defined.
Age spots can be upsetting. These pigmented skin lesions can affect your appearance. Treatment can help the way you feel about your appearance and enhance your self-esteem. By treating you, we can also educate you in the promotion of better skin health.
An age spot is a superficial over-pigmentation of the skin that looks like a large freckle. Often it may cluster together with a few other age spots. There is also often a hereditary predisposition to age spots. They are more common in older people. Age spots are especially prevalent with those who have spent too much time in the sun or are continuing to spend time in the sun. Age spots are not cancerous, and they do not lead to cancer. Sun-exposed skin may have precancerous scaly red lesions called actinic keratoses mixed in with the age spots. Some cancerous lesions appear as dark spots.
If you have any doubts concerning skin lesions and lentigenes, contact us to have a dermatologist to evaluate them. Dr Jennifer Crawley at Clinica London can help you.


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