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Anti-ageing dermal fillers: Sculptra

Sculptra (poly L lactic acid) is one of the anti-ageing dermal fillers that provides youthful looking eyes and face. It is most suitable for patients who are 45 or 50 years and above because it gives a very natural looking rejuvenated appearance.
I recommend it for men and women who are developing “thin faces.” As their facial fat reduces, they begin to look more rectangular shaped face rather than a nice triangle shaped face, with the wide part of the triangle represented by the eyes.
The advantage of Sculptra over hyaluronic acid gel is that it is a very slow growing bio-stimulation of your collagen. We introduce the very tiny particles of poly-L-lactic acid into the areas that need treating using predominantly a cannula with the particles suspended in saline water and local anaesthetic. Therefore the diffusion through the tissue is very smooth. There is not the “bubble-like” effect that sometimes can be observed with the hyaluronic acid gels such as Restylane and Juvederm. It also feels very natural as it is not an added gel, but natural biosynthesised tissue.
The bio-stimulation to create new volume takes about eight weeks. The collagen synthesis deep in the face starts to grow from about eight weeks and reaches a maximum by six months through biostimulating your collagen. Then it takes another year or so to disappear gradually again before needing further biostimulation.
Sculptra is particularly good in the hollowed temples, in the deep cheek, and around the lower face. It is a splendid anti-ageing treatment.
It takes about half an hour to 45 minutes to do each time. I usually recommend two sessions with two vials each session, separating the two sessions by about two months. 2+2+2!
For busy businesswomen and businessmen who like to have a natural appearance that lasts all year round, they can do other small procedures such as Botox, Restylane or Juvederm in the tear troughs and the lips, Sculptra is an excellent base to start.
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