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Art Appreciation at Clinica London

It is easy to follow the link between Beauty, Highly Visual Art Works, and the Human Eye. This process of art appreciation leads to the door of 140 Harley Street the home of Clinica London and its founder and ophthalmic and aesthetic surgeon Jane Olver.
“The ophthalmic sub speciality of oculoplastics is all about the function of the eyelids and surrounding area; and creating beauty. This is why I wanted to create an art gallery within the clinic. So when patients come here they can enjoy the beauty of art alongside their treatment”, she explains.
The main home of the gallery is the Meeting Room, where visitors are welcomed and can relax with a delicious freshly brewed coffee and magazines before a consultation or treatment. This room will also be used for short training courses and gatherings of doctors and opticians in the future. Other exhibits are distributed throughout the clinic’s consultation rooms.
The art exhibitions will change every four to six months. Currently there is a collection of pictures of French cinema icons of the late 1930’s.
“The faces of these actors and actresses are amazing. It just goes to show how much they were appreciated for their beauty and how that beauty was enhanced by only make-up and eye brow shaping.
“We assume that back then there wasn’t any plastic surgery while the rejuvenation benefits of Botulinum toxin (Botox®), fillers and chemical peels had yet to be discovered or were in the very early stages of use. Possibly there might have been some access to silicones and collagens eighty years ago.
“However, despite the massive advances in eyelid surgery in recent years, we must acknowledge that back in the 1930’s these film stars were still able to look beautiful.”
Scheduled next for the Clinica art gallery are two original photography exhibitions by Dr Terence Goh, an oculoplastics surgeon from Hong Kong, who has a particularly good eye for photography as well as his branch of medicine. These pictures will show his view of London, while the second series will feature studies of the Venice carnival.
London and Hong Kong, 5th August 2011


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