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When to see the doctor for your baby’s eyes:

When to see the doctor for your baby’s eyes:
In a previous blog post, I discussed how sticky eyes in children are just a delay in the opening of the tear duct. While this is not threatening to the child, sometimes the eyes can be infected, which can be more harmful.
Below are five symptoms that can indicate an infection in your baby’s eyes:

  1. If your baby’s discharge or watering becomes more severe
  2. If the discharge becomes yellow or green in colour
  3. If the baby’s eyes are looking red or irritated
  4. If there is any swelling at the corner of the eyes (a mucocoele)
  5. If there is an acute red, painful swelling (acute dacryocystitis)

If your baby experiences these symptoms, you should take your baby to see the doctor, your general practitioner, or the health visitor. They may be able to treat it with antibiotics or refer you on to an oculoplastic lacrimal specialist, such as me here at Clinica London.
Very occasionally I have to do surgery. This is a minor surgery that is done under a short general anaesthetic, with a paediatric anaesthetist providing a short anaesthetic. I have to dilate up the little puncta and canaliculi, which are the tiny tear ducts at the corner of the eye, and explore with a small probe into the sac and then down the tear duct into the nose to open up the tear system and then flush it through. This has at least a 90% success rate.
Please contact us if you have any questions about your baby’s eyes.


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