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The benefits of blepharoplasty or ptosis operation

A patient this week said to me after she had her blepharoplasty done that I had taken away the awning that had been over her vision. She could see very much better and although she has had a marked cosmetic improvement that was not the only thing that mattered to her. What mattered to her was that her vision was markedly improved. In particular, by taking away the excess drooping upper eyelid skin and correcting her drooping eyelids (blepharoplasty and ptosis of the upper eyelids) she could see very much better in the upper part of her visual field.
So for simple things like walking around in the street and looking up at buildings or looking up at people who are taller than her she did not have to try so hard to use her forehead muscles to lift her eyebrows and lift the skin up out of her vision and lean her head backwards as she could see by just simply looking upwards as there was no longer this tent-like awning over her vision.
Many patients think that having an upper eyelid blepharoplasty or ptosis operation is done just for aesthetic or cosmetic reasons as an anti-ageing surgery to help them look younger and to rejuvenate around the eyes. Yes, it does do all of that but in addition, it can significantly help peoples’ vision.
Most of our patients who have upper eyelid blepharoplasty and ptosis surgery are aged 50 and above. However, when there is just the ptosis without the excess skin this often affects younger patients. Younger patients who have ptosis have either developed it because of the tendency for this run in their family or because they have been contacting lens wearers or they have had some inflammation or trauma that has made their eyelids droop.
Blepharoplasty and ptosis surgery is done here at Clinica London as a day case under a local anaesthetic by Jane Olver as a day case under local anaesthetic. The surgery is done in our small operating room which is comfortable and registered with care Quality Commission for surgery.
We have a lovely recovery area where the patients rest after surgery for an hour or two before being let home, once the surgeon has checked that all is fine post-operatively. We try to make the whole experience of eyelid surgery non-threatening, calm, relaxing, and provide not a just exquisite cosmetic result but also alleviate the symptoms of heavy drooping eyelids and lift the awning up off the vision, helping patients to see better afterwards.


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