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Wake up to our fabulous treatments that will boost tired and sunken-looking eyes

There is a way to boost tired and sunken-looking eyes. Dark circles, under-eye hollows, tear troughs – these are all names given to someone’s appearance when they look tired because of the way their eyes look. Although there are many things you can do to try and help, such as getting extra sleep, using tea bags or cucumber slices on your eyes, splashing them with cold water and using moisturising cream and sunscreen, very often what is required are cosmetic fillers.
Having cosmetic fillers in the under-eye area is a very delicate procedure in which I use tiny amounts of hyaluronate gel. I introduce this into the hollows through a tiny port entry at the top of the outer cheek. This is called the TearFill technique.
Under-eye filler is done under sterile conditions so that immediately after the treatment the risks of any complications are minimised, and you will instantly see the improvement of the additional volume.
I usually start in a staged fashion, putting in one or two vials on the first occasion and then doing a second and even a third stage, one to two and three to four weeks later. I aim to give you a very natural appearance so that your under-eye hollows look less noticeable, less tired and that you have less of the dark-circle effect. I want your family and friends to not necessarily know that you have had cosmetic treatment filler for your under-eye hollows and for it to look extremely natural.
I will also advise you about additional under-eye creams that you can use to complement the volumising effect of the under-eye filler, using the TearFill technique. There is a wide variety of hyaluronate fillers available for treatment around the face, eyes and lips. In the under-eye area, I favour using Restylane and Lidocaine as this approach has one of the best track records and it does not attract fluid into the under-eye area in such a way that it could make you look puffy.


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