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Botox is effective for the treatment of facial and eyelid scarring

We have been using Botulinum toxin for more than 20 years for a variety of medical conditions and also, of course, for aesthetic rejuvenation of dynamic wrinkles. The non-aesthetic medical conditions for treatment with Botox have included strabismus (squint), dystonias, hemifacial spasm and hyperhidrosis (sweating). Eye doctors use Botox for protective ptosis in the cornea, and the treatment can help with many other medical conditions.
Cosmetically, Botulinum toxin can treat facial hyperkinetic lines such as the glabella elevenses, crow’s feet; it is used for brow lifting as well as for treating bunny lines, which are the lines on the sides of the nose, which also helps to lift the corners of the mouth. It can also treat poppy chin (or dimply chin). Botulinum toxin can also be used aesthetically for platysma bands (loose neck muscle).
Therefore it is actually not surprising that more uses are being found. We are now learning that Botulinum toxin is an adjunctive treatment for the treatment of scarring from acne, trauma or surgery. We often combine it with other treatments such as silicone gel, injections of steroid or subcision of scarring.
Botulinum toxin can certainly play a role in the development and treatment of scars in order to reduce their formation. Find out more in the next blog on the extended medical uses of Botulinum Toxin.


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