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Camera shy? Look better in pictures after ptosis surgery

Ptosis or drooping eyelid is a medical or cosmetic condition caused by a weak muscle that lifts the eyelid called the levator muscle.Usually, the levator muscle has stretched and thinned resulting in ptosis. Sometimes it can be congenital in origin and sometimes it can be nerve damage. 

Whatever the cause patients who have ptosis often notice it more in photographs and therefore become camera shy. They start to avoid having their picture taken as they have seen that their ptosis or drooping eyelid is more evident in pictures. If they have a big event coming up such as a wedding or a birthday party and they know that they must look good in pictures, they start worrying. If you too feel like this, you might want to consider eyelid surgery called ptosis surgery or drooping eyelid surgery to look better in pictures. 

Excess skin in the upper eyelids overhanging the skin crease and sitting on the lashes pushing the upper eyelid down can cause drooping eyelids. Actual weakness of the muscle that lifts the eyelids (levator muscle) can also cause droopy eyelids. We call that ptosis.

The eyelid surgeon called the oculoplastic surgeon who is an ophthalmologist and who is specialised in eyelid assessment and surgery will determine where your upper eyelid drooping comes from. It might be excess skin, soft tissue hooding, folds and fatty eye bags. Or it might be real weakness or nerve damage to the levator muscle.They will then recommend to you what is the best surgery to have to help you avoid feeling camera shy and to help you look better in pictures after ptosis surgery.

It is not just the hooding or the drooping of the upper eyelids which makes patients feel camera shy, but it can also be an asymmetry between the upper eyelids. Asymmetries can take the form of a high eyebrow on one side where there is unilateral ptosis. That asymmetry can be quite disconcerting in photographs, and that type of patient may well require a unilateral upper eyelid ptosis correction. The main features which make people feel camera shy are sleepy looking upper eyelids, drooping upper eyelids and asymmetry

If you are camera shy because of your eyelid appearance, you should get an assessment by an oculoplastic trained ophthalmologist to see exactly what type of surgery from which you would benefit. We can do upper eyelid surgery under local anaesthetic as a day case, and although it is a very skilled delicate surgery, the oculoplastic surgeon is trained to assess and measure your eyelids, perform the ptosis operation and look after you in the post-operative period.


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