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Can I get rid of my dark circles?

I was sitting around the lunch table today talking to friends and they showed me a photo of their friend who had dark circles under his eyes. The dark circles made him look quite tired all the time, and they asked me ‘is it possible to get rid of these dark circles?’.
I took a good look at the photo on their mobile phone and proceeded to give a breakdown of why I thought he had the dark circles and what could be done to help them.

“So, first of all, he has quite big eyes, with a little bit of lower lid sagging, and rather flat front of the cheek area. The flat cheek is called malar hyperplasia. He has a well-formed nose and a really nice face apart from the dark circles under his eyes, which is the area he is concerned about.”

I explained to them that it was possible. It’s possible through a single little skin puncture entry point made on the upper cheek towards the outside, to do filler treatment with Restylane, called the TearFill procedure. Through the one entry point, I can treat the dark circles. This junction has what I call triangular atrophy when there is cheek descent causing the under eye dark circles.
I put a little bit of filler subsequently into the tear troughs that will look natural and help improve his under eye area. TearFill procedure helps the tear hollows because it changes the light reflex on the area by making the soft tissue slightly thicker and at a different angle to the light. It also makes the lower lid appear shorter (less dropped) and the area of dark circles hence smaller.
I thought that was a satisfactory answer and I was proud that I could explain to them what I did on a daily basis in my work at Clinica London. So they then said ‘well, what else can you do?’
So I thought a little bit more … ‘ There are a few other things that you can do. For one, you can use Intraceuticals, which is…’


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