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Cataract surgeons Miss Laura Crawley and Mr Jaheed Khan

Thank you very much for reading my series of blog posts on cataract surgery.
I would like to spend the next blog post just introducing you to the two cataract surgeons at Clinica London.
We have Miss Laura Crawley who is a cataract and glaucoma surgeon and Mr Jaheed Khan who is a cataract and medical retina surgeon. In this blog post, I am going to tell you more about each of them.

Miss Laura Crawley Cataract and Glaucoma Surgeon

Laura Crawley is a Consultant Ophthalmologist in the NHS at Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust. She works at the Western Eye Hospital where she sees her NHS patients. She also works privately here at Clinica London on Monday evenings and Wednesday mornings. She will see some patients outside those hours in the event of an emergency.
Laura has trained in cataract surgery and glaucoma surgery at a specialist level at Oxford, Imperial College and Moorfields and higher than specialist level as she has done a fellowship in cataract and glaucoma surgery at the Western Ophthalmic Hospital with Professor Philip Bloom. She was appointed as a specialist cataract and glaucoma consultant at Imperial College Healthcare NHS trust in 2012. She is immensely experienced.
Laura has written many papers on cataract and glaucoma surgery and is a top London surgeon. She is well known nationally and internationally for her cataract and glaucoma surgery. As well as being a very lovely person and has patients that come back to see her year after year, she is an extremely skilled surgeon.
In particular, she is skilled in reducing the risks of cataract surgery and the management of complications of cataract surgery. She is fully aware of the risks that occur during surgery and after surgery.
These include posterior capsular rupture, endophthalmitis, raised intraocular pressure. She has higher surgical skills to look after you and your cataract and your cataract surgery and the aftermath of your cataract surgery.
She is also experienced in co-managing cataracts and glaucoma with surgery and offers the full range of minimally invasive glaucoma pressure lowering techniques that are carried out at the end of the cataract operation. This modern approach to cataract surgery in glaucoma patients means that any operation treats both conditions without the need to come back for separate operations and helps to reduce or eliminate the need for glaucoma drops.

Mr Jaheed Khan Cataract and Medical Retina Surgeon

Mr Jaheed Khan is a Consultant Ophthalmologist at Moorfields Eye Hospital where he sees his NHS patients.
He is also a cataract and medical retina ophthalmic surgeon who does his private practice here at Clinica London. He has worked with us now at Clinica London for the last six years and has a strong, robust cataract practice, regularly doing cataract surgery.
He sees patients on a Monday morning at Clinica London. He does his surgery at the London Clinic, and the follow up is done back at Clinica London. He is a skilled and precise cataract surgeon. He is trained to the highest level to recognise the risk factors of cataract surgery and deal with any complications that may occur.
Saying that there has always been a very small risk of loss of vision approximately 1 in 10,000 because of endophthalmitis. However expert and experienced the surgeon is, whether in the hands of Mr Jaheed Khan or our other surgeon Miss Laura Crawley cataract surgery has very high safety levels, but there is a tiny percentage of patients who can get endophthalmitis, serious infection inside the eye. Mr Jaheed Khan’s posterior capsule rupture rate is in line with the nationally recommended standards, which he publishes and is appraised for annually.
He is conscientious, perfectionist, delicately doing cataract surgery in his busy practice.
Both our surgeons are top London Cataract surgeons.


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