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Is cataract surgery safe?
Complications of cataract surgery are exceedingly rare, but they can occur. However, Mr Jaheed Khan’s complication rate is lower than the national average.
He has had very few surgical complication incidents. However, there is always the possibility of retinal detachment, infection within the eye, called endophthalmitis, and prolonged inflammation with uveitis (inflammation of the middle layer of the eye) or macular oedema (build-up of fluid). These complications occur only rarely, and he manages them to the extent where most patients will make a complete recovery,  even if it is a little slow if there is macular oedema.
Cataract surgery nowadays is highly technical, highly specialised and very safe, but not 100 per cent safe. Therefore you will need to be advised about whether you need the surgery, the best time to have it done, how likely you are to benefit from it and what the risks are. Mr Jaheed Khan is very gentle and patient, and he will explain the whole process to you as you will experience it on the day. He will give you all of the necessary paperwork containing the information beforehand.


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