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Clearing your blepharitis

Jane: I want to talk to you a little bit now about your blepharitis. Have you any idea what blepharitis is? Has anyone other than me ever said that you had got blepharitis, Roger?
Roger: Yes, some considerable time ago you diagnosed blepharitis and to be perfectly honest I am still not entirely sure what it is.
Jane Olver: The blepharitis you have got is of two types.
You have got a little bit of crusting of your lashes, called anterior blepharitis, but you have also got oily gland problem which is called meibomian gland dysfunction (previously called posterior blepharitis).
Each eyelid has a small tarsal plate in it with little oil glands called the meibomian glands.
They produce the oil, which stops your tears evaporating and yours are somewhat thickened and plugged. So what I want you to do is, to do a few warm compresses, morning and evening with a warm flannel. You can look at our Clinica London YouTube (LINK), our nurse can resend you by email the links the about warm flannel cloth compresses and then you can see exactly how to do it.
Are you cleaning with the Blephaclean wipes? So continue doing that twice a day, no need to change the Blephasol as the Blephaclean wipes are right for you. There is also an excellent video on the Clinica London YouTube channel, which shows you how to clean the eyelids with Blephasol solution (see the video below).
Roger: They will be easy to use and get this awful blepharitis better as it does irritate and I get dry eyes. I will be pleased to use Blephasol solution cleaning twice daily before I do my teeth. Could I have some Blephasol with pads? The Blephasol Duo?
Jane Olver: Right.
Roger: My GP does Blephasol, the NHS does not do pads.
Jane Olver: Well you could always get the NHS Blephasol and then just buy, for about a pound in Superdrug or somewhere, some pads. The makeup removal pads are very reasonably priced.
Roger: I had to this Blephasol cleaning before so now I do have a stock of pads. Is it better to use the Blephasol rather than the Blephaclean wipes?
Jane Olver: I think most men find the Blephaclean wipes are convenient. The Blephasol is probably slightly better, as it is not quite the same solution from the Blephaclean. I think if you are comfortable with the Blephaclean wipes, please continue.
However, I want to put you on some tablets which are called Lymecycline. Just one pill a day for two months and this is only to help to have less inflammation of the eyelid. It will improve the lid margin and the oily glands, and it is also a low dose antibiotic which acts more in an anti-inflammatory way rather than an antibiotic. So it should not be a problem for you to take it, it is not going to affect your gut flora in any significant way, and you have no problems with your liver so it should be medically safe for you to take it. If you feel it does not agree with you, stop taking it.
Roger: Good.
Jane Olver: I will write you a prescription for Lymecycline.
Any questions to ask me now about either your blepharoplasty surgery, your skin care or your blepharitis because when you get to the age of 78, invariably there is not just one problem, but two or three and we are looking after all of those, your vision is good, is not it?
Roger: Yeah, vision is good. I think that when it comes to doing the visual field tests and then when I get back from Australia into the May time, it will confirm the bigger field of vision.
I have a feeling that the vision may well improve as well with the Blepharitis treatment.
Jane Olver: Thank you very much for chatting with me about your sun damaged skin and your blepharitis.


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