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Clinica London Evolution 2011 to 2020

Director and founder of Clinica London, ophthalmic and oculoplastic eye surgeon Jane Olver welcomes you to Clinica London. Founded in 2011, initially as a Private Eye Clinic, it is now The Private Eye and Skin Clinic in Harley Street.

“I wanted to create an ultra-clean but not sterile environment. Somewhere where it would be both a pleasure to work and also somewhere pleasant and relaxing for my patients”, said Jane.

“We started off as a Private Eye Clinic and have evolved to become both an Eye and Skin Clinic for all ages”.

Clinica London is on two floors at 140 Harley Street  which is a beautiful Georgian building with high ceilings, original cornices and space. These premises were refurbished for Clinica London by the acclaimed architect Jerry Bailey, mainitaining the original elegance of the building.  Our doors opened to patients in January 2011.

A pivotal step occurred in August 2012 when Jane started a two-year sabbatical from the NHS in order to concentrate on developing this first class private eye clinic, Clinica London, and to have time for personal development and to enjoy travelling and learning languages. On 31st July 2014, Jane resigned from the NHS in order to dedicate more time to developing Clinica London.

Since then she has taken Clinica London forwards. The clinic provides patients with rapid access to first class general and specialist eye surgery and care and more recently medical dermatology. The clinic has expanded to have twelve consultants, consisting of ten ophthalmologists and two dermatologist. It continues to evolve.

Clinica London’s evolution:

Clinica London initially introduced Medical Retina at Clinica and Cataract at Clinica by Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon Professor Michel Michaelides in 2013.

In 2015 and 2016 the two
 Crawley sisters joined Clinica London. Ms Laura Crawley specializes in Glaucoma and Cataract at Clinica, and Dr Jennifer Crawley practices Adult and Child Dermatology, the founding of Dermatology care at Clinica.

In 2018, we were joined by Naz Raoof, a specialist in children’s eyes and vision development, neuro-ophthalmology and adult squints. We also gained Sajjad Ahmad, an ocular surface, corneal and refractive specialist ophthalmologist who does corneal cross linking for keratoconus.

In 2020 and against all odds, and with solid foundations based on excellence, our team added a talented Retina consultant, Ms Jen Anikina and Mr Julian Robins a brilliant Retinal Surgeon and Retinal Care Specialist.

This year, in 2023, we have two new consultants joining us, details to follow soon!

The Clinica London team is here to look after you, your eyes and skin. Clinica London has evolved from a simple Eye Clinic to become a comprehensive Eye and Skin Clinic, offering a top menu of ophthalmology and dermatology medical diagnostics, treatments and surgery.


  1. Retinal Care at Clinica 2023:

Retinal Care at Clinica has expanded to two consultants Ms Evgenia Anikina, Consultant in Vitreoretinal Surgery and Professor Michel   Michaelides, Medical Retina & Inherited Retinal Disease Specialist.

  1. Dermatology Care at Clinica 2023:

Dr Jennifer Crawley leads the Dermatology Care at Clinica, which caters for child, teenager and adult dermatology.

  1. Children’s Eye Care at Clinica 2023:

This has expanded with the support of four Orthoptists who measure child and adult eye balance and motility and work closely with Ms Naz Raoof.

  1. Low Vision Aid Clinic at Clinica 2023:

Our Low Vision Aid Clinic, unique in central London, for patients with impaired vision, for instance inherited retinal disorders who require visual aids assistance is led by Hannah Dunbar, Optometrist.

  1. Aesthetic Care at Clinica 2023.

We offers new cosmetic treatments and surgery such as Botox, Hyaluronate fillers (TearFill), ProfHilo injected liquid moisturiser, reversal of fillers (HyaloFix) and day case eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty and ptosis), as well as face tightening with Ultherapy. These are all Consultant led treatments and surgery.


Your visit to Clinica London:

On arrival there is the welcoming reception with Jenny Burrows the Clinica London coordinator and Alek the Receptionist. You are directed to spacious waiting areas and clinical rooms before having technical tests and seeing the Consultant.

Clinica London has a technical room, a procedures and operating room, three consultation rooms, with an aesthetic treatment and surgical recovery room.

The nurses and ophthalmic technician assist the consultants and do the eye tests including vision, eye pressures, OCT, visual fields, SLO and biometry measurements of the eye for cataract surgery. They do Pentacam measurements for corneal surgery and keratoconus cross-linking. The nurses assist the Consultants and also run the Tears Clinic for Dry Eyes where they do MiboFlo eyelid treatments for blepharitis and Meibomian gland dysfunction. They assist with dermatology procedures and treatments such as skin biopsy for moles, cryotherapy of skin lesions and injections and excision of keloid scars.

With eleven consultants and support nursing, technical, orthoptic and optometric support, we are able to provide a top comprehensive medical eye and skin service in a spacious, calm, relaxing and clean environment. We continue to evolve our services slowly and carefully, taking into account our patients’ needs.

We look forward to seeing you and your families at Clinica London and joining us in this journey as an established yet actively developing and growing eye and skin clinic.


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