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Clinica London – International Beauty

Clinica London first time visitors might well feel that they have never been anywhere quite like it before. This is perfectly possible, as Jane Olver looked overseas for much of her inspiration when creating this bespoke environment in which to practice her speciality of oculoplastics treatments.
“My role models include some private clinics that I have visited in Europe, run by colleagues of mine in France, Spain and Italy. There is also some influence from the US”, said Jane who, unashamedly thinks of herself as European, not just British.
Undoubtedly there is a strong international influence running through Clinica – including the choice of its name. This highlights its founder’s special l affection for France and the Catalan region of northern Spain.
“I wanted to be able to practice ophthalmology and oculoplastics in a way that I believe it should be practiced: without the restrictions which, unfortunately, come with working in the NHS”, said Jane whose career in the state sector began -as a consultant ophthalmic surgeon at London’s Western Eye Hospital in 1994 (where she continues to work today) and at the Charing Cross Eye Hospital (Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust) two years later.
Jane hopes that her patients will enjoy every aspect of their Clinica journey and feel welcome and calm throughout.
Consultations take place in one of two specially equipped and designed rooms. There are two additional treatment rooms where small medical procedures (including Chalazion treatments, biopsies or removal of small skin tags) will be carried out.
These areas are also used for patients undergoing facial rejuvenation techniques such as Botox, chemical peels, and fillers.
Larger eyelid and tear duct operations, including blepharoplasty (to correct baggy eyelids) and lacrimal work- requiring local or general anaesthetic – are carried out at the nearby London Clinic. Jane also operates under general anaesthetic on eyelids and does orbital work at the Wellington Hospital in London’s St John’s Wood.
“Eyelid surgery is all about protecting the eyes and the vision. We have patients with facial palsy or thyroid conditions who are unable to close their eyes before surgery.
“All my work is centred around the same idea”, says Jane, “allowing patients to be able to see comfortably while being able to look as good as possible.”
London, 10th June 2011


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