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Clinica London’s New Year Resolutions for 2018

It is already the New Year and 2018, and one by one we are returning to work after what has been a very rewarding and welcomed rest over the Christmas and New Year period. In between Christmas and New Year, Clinica London was open for two days receiving patients on 28th and 29th of December, and we had a lot of calls and emails from patients on the 27th. So already people definitely wanted to see us.
Now that we are into January, patients are calling again and we have all made and are hoping to keep the resolutions we made on New Year’s Eve. So what are the New Year’s resolutions for Clinica London?

1. You the Patient

This year we want to renew our concentration on you, the patient. We want to make sure that we keep you well informed about the services here at Clinica London and we want to hear from you with your feedback. If you would like to contact us directly you can do so through this website, or you can leave a review with Google.
Whichever way we receive your feedback, we welcome it; so that we can then help to make your passage through Clinica London better and more satisfying for you.

2. Dermatology Service

We want to develop further our dermatology service with Dr Jennifer Crawley, who is doing more treatments and biopsies than ever before for skin lesions such as keloid scars, skin tags and suspected lumps and bumps that might be skin cancers.

3. Glaucoma service and laser treatment

We also want to further develop the glaucoma service with Miss Laura Crawley with the new laser which she uses for narrow-angle glaucoma with angle closure, for peripheral iridotomies and which she uses, along with Mr Jaheed Khan, the cataract surgeon, for the after cataract called PCO (posterior capsule opacification). I will be writing more blog posts with Laura and Jaheed about this exciting surgical laser later in the New Year.

4. Professor Michel Michaelides

We want people to know about Professor Michel Michaelides and the absolutely first class service he provides for patients with visual loss from inherited retinal diseases. He is a worldwide-known expert in this new and flourishing field called inherited retinal disease or IRD.

5. Watering Eyes and Tearing Surgery

I want to let you know about the watering eyes problems that I look after and I will be writing more about the watering and dry eye service called the Tears Clinic in future blogs. Briefly, I specialise in surgery for patients with watering eyes due to blocked tear ducts. The surgery is done through the nose called endonasal surgery, using an endoscope, so it is called endonasal endoscopic lacrimal surgery. This is highly skilled surgery with very good results and brings a lot of relief for patients with tearing eyes.

6. Cataract Service

We want to further develop our cataract service with Ophthalmic Consultants Mr Jaheed Khan and Miss Laura Crawley. In 2017, more patients came to Clinica London with cataracts. We are now able to treat posterior capsular opacity (PCO) on site as a simple laser procedure, which can occur in the first six months after surgery. All cataract assessment and postoperative follow up is done here at Clinica London with the actual intraocular surgery being done at The London Clinic.

7. New treatment room: The Aesthetic and Dry Eyes Room

We hope to open (before Easter 2018) the new treatment room for aesthetic treatments such as Ultherapy, Intraceuticals, and dry eye treatments BlephEx and MiboThermoFlo. Stella Mannering of Oxford is heading up the interior design of this room with newly built-in cupboards, furniture, curtains and warm colours.

8. Jane Olver: Clinica London Team and Eyelid Surgery

For myself, I want to concentrate on looking after my team of nurses, administrators, accounts and background staff and also do more eyelid surgery for my patients, upper lid blepharoplasties and ptosis, skin biopsies for suspected eyelid tumours and reconstruction of the eyelids as well as treating chalazia.
I hope that we can keep to all of the New Year resolutions we have made for Clinica London on behalf of you, our patients.
We look forward to seeing you at Clinica London and helping you get even better treatment for whatever eye or skin problems that you have.
We all wish you a very healthy and prosperous New Year 2018!


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