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Connecting People who are Blind

Connecting those who are blind

An international collaboration between two charities to bring together and educate individuals with low vision or blindness.

The Lighthouse Guild based in New York, and The Royal National Institute of Blind People, have announced a new collaboration to provide information, education, discussion opportunities related to blindness and low vision aimed at young people.
Using panel discussion and short 10 minutes broadcasts across social media from which feedback and comments will be solicited from the public, it is aimed at people of all ages who are blind or visually impaired and feel that they are voiceless in a world which is designed for those who are sighted. This international collaboration is to help make their voices heard and offer them an opportunity to share experiences and empower each other as well as educating the rest of us who are sighted.
The Royal National Institute of Blind People said, “our goal is to create an exciting and valuable conversation between young blind and partially sighted people in the UK and the USA that focuses on topics relevant to them.”


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