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Uneven eyelids can cause young adults to suffer from a lack of confidence

Ptosis is the medical term referring to an upper eyelid, which is drooping.
Ptosis can occur in one or both of your upper eyelids even if you are a relatively young person in your 20s or 30s. If it is asymmetrical or if it is making you look sleepy but it is not interfering with your visual field or visual function, it is termed cosmetic.
To be considered a functional or medical problem, the ptotic upper lid has to interfere with your vision by affecting the visual field in the upper part of your vision by the heaviness and droopiness. Or, the ptosis is giving you fatigue and headache due to trying to keep the eyelids open by using your forehead and constantly lifting your eyebrows. For cosmetic ptosis, the droop is usually very little but can have a significant impact on your confidence as a young adult.
A congenital ptosis is usually operated on when the individual is quite young, roundabout the age of four to seven years old. Some patients have inherited ptosis, meaning that it was not congenital, as it was not present when they born, but it runs in your family, and you tell you that other members of the family developed drooping eyelids at a youngish age.
I have to check that you do not have any other neurological, myopathic or myogenic course for it and it was just one of those things that you tend to have in your family. Young people do not like their eyelids to look asymmetrical, so you are having a natural reaction to your drooping eyelid or eyelids. There is also a lot of pressure on you from social media, from your heroes in fashion and music to look good and feel good. This is the norm for a young male or female adult.
All ptosis have to be assessed, and I do your ptosis assessment at Clinica London with history taking, photographs, measurements and then outcome planning followed by a full report. At the consultation we decide what operation is best for you, often do phenylephrine test to see if it is a bilateral subtle cosmetic ptosis and then I explain what is involved with the surgery.
The surgery is done under local anaesthetic as a day case at Clinica London. Hardly anybody requires any additional sedation or intravenous for ptosis, and it greatly helps to have the patient wide awake during the surgery so that you can be helpful to the surgeon. By helpful I mean that you can sit up at the beginning of the operation for the marking of your new skin crease and during the procedure, you can look up and down so that I can see where the levator muscle is, where it is pulling and where I have to release and advance it.
Having a ptosis operation helps you as a young adult to become more confident, and therefore the surgery is going to help you with your relationships and in the workplace.


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