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Costs of mole checks and treatment of other skin lesions

Dr Jennifer Crawley, the Consultant Dermatologist at Clinica London, does skin mole checks and assesses and treats other skin lesions such as suspected skin carcinomas and keloid scars.

What happens at a mole check? How much does it cost?

She will do a comprehensive examination of your skin looking carefully at the lesion or the mole that you are concerned about. She will also look at the rest of your skin, in general, to make sure that there are not any other areas of concern affected by UV damage over the years. She uses a dermatoscope to assess the moles, and if she thinks one of them looks abnormal, she will then do an excision and send the lesion for examination under microscopy called histopathological analysis. Then, once that result is back, she will meet you again and go over in detail concerning any further surgery or medical treatment that may be required.
How much does it cost to see the dermatologist?
The consultation fee with Dr Jennifer Crawley as a new patient is £250 and for a follow-up consultation £180. For any patient who has private medical insurance, she is fee assured, and each insurance company has a different rate. The follow-up consultation for self-paying keloid scar treatment is lower than usual, only £90. This lower charge is because the keloid scar patients often do have to have further injections of steroid into the keloid scar, each of which is a £150 per session.

Let’s talk a little bit about procedure costs for other medical dermatological treatments at Clinica London

Curettage or shave excision of a skin lesion costs £315, which includes the surgeon’s fee and the clinic facility fee. If there is more than one lesion, each additional lesion will be £50 extra, and each other skin tag is £25 extra. These prices apply for lesions which are on the same site or nearby and done at the same time as the primary lesion.
If the skin lesion, whether it be a tumour or large mole, is slightly bigger and requires precise surgical excision or biopsy, then the price for the surgeon and the clinic fee is from £550. We will advise you what the prices are for yourself. If the lesion has to go to the laboratory for histopathology analysis, you will pay a further fee to the lab, which is usually £120.
If we send samples for analysis at the histopathology, other fees apply. If you have private medical insurance they are usually covered by your private medical insurance (please check with them beforehand). They are done at an outside laboratory and are charged accordingly by the laboratory directly to you or your insurance company. To give you an idea of the range of price if you are not insured but are a self-payer, a single specimen for a simple histopathology analysis may be as little as £79 – £100. If you are just having what we call a small one block, it can £110, or a medium two block can be £150. Note that the histopathology fees do vary depending on the analysis required by your doctor and particularly if more complex immunological stains are needed, then the laboratory will advise you before going ahead.

Cryotherapy of lesions

Dr Jennifer Crawley does a lot of cryotherapy for premalignant skin cancers. Cryotherapy costs £180 for up to three lesions, and each additional lesion over three is an extra £60.

Keloid scar

As already mentioned, a steroid injection into a keloid scar is £150 per injection, and many patients require a series of injections with three or four injections done spaced several weeks apart.


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