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All our staff are Covid-19 tested weekly


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Spring 2021 Update – Medical Director letter to patients, friends and colleagues


15th March 2021

Dear Patients, Friends and Medical and Optometric Colleagues,

Very best wishes for a better 2021. Roll on the end of the pandemic! You are getting vaccinated and life is looking up.

Many congratulations to many of you for keeping fit and well and coming in to see us and have your eyes and skin treated. It is absolutely fantastic how many of you have had the confidence to return for surgery in the last two months.

Welcome to all the new patients who are being assessed for possible glaucoma, retinal problems, and cataracts and going on to have their surgery in a safe and very normal feeling way.

We are treating patients every day, regularly doing out-patient and day-case eyelid surgeries, laser eye treatments, eye intravitreal injections, corneal cross-linking and many skin procedures including biopsies and cryotherapy of lesions, and injections of keloid scars.

We continue to offer rapid access to ophthalmology and dermatology consultations, treatments and surgeries, for children, teenagers and adults.

We are staying positive and are big believers that we will return to a greater degree of normality very soon, with determination. Time is flying by and it will soon be summer and more mobility and even… Holidays!


Developments for 2021

We have Urgent (emergency) eye, and Retina and Laser care, and the Low Vision Clinic as new services for 2021. To this end, we have purchased a retinal laser and cutting edge retinal diagnostic imaging, and set up low vision assessment and treatment.

Our corneal surgeon is treating more keratoconus, doing corneal grafts and laser refractive surgery, as a result of the new corneal cross-linking and Pentacam equipment.

Our Dermatologists are doing more surgical procedures removing suspicious skin lesions and moles as well as more interventions with injections.

We provide Covid-19 PCR and antigen nasopharyngeal tests on request for our existing patients, in a safe confidential environment. Please ask about this and the cost, if required.

Thank you for your loyalty and for believing in us and our mission to provide you with the highest possible quality of medical eye and skincare.

Warm regards,

Jane Olver

Medical Director


To book your appointment, please email Reception at contact@clinicalondon.co.uk or call 020 7935 7990.


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