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Update – Letter to Patients, friends and colleagues


Dear Patients, Friends and Colleagues,

As we learn more about the coronavirus and continue our social distancing and government lockdown, we are made more than ever aware by our patients for the need for essential medical ophthalmology and skin care.

In the last month we have learnt how to do video consultations and they are surprisingly well received and helpful for patients. We have also learnt that some patients and conditions still have to be seen in the clinic. This essential medical care is important and we are able to provide it.

We are open for selected cases where a remote video consultation is not appropriate and where it is mutually deemed safe and the best option for the patient to attend in person. Extra care is taken so as not to spread the virus. We are taking rigorous safety measures for your care.

Over the next few months, and alas it is probably months rather than weeks, we will see a gradual return to work for many of our friends and colleagues. In the meantime, we will weather this storm and do our best for our patients.  We look forward to a changed better time ahead.

Best wishes


18th April 2020


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