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How to make your eyes look more open and refreshed

Eyelid surgery is sometimes known as blepharoplasty and sometimes known as ptosis surgery, depending on precisely what we need to do.

Get a younger and more pleasing appearance around the eyes

Blepharoplasty is one of the most prevalent types of eyelid surgery and is usually considered as cosmetic surgery to correct eyelid hooding, bagginess, additional folds of crepey skin and make the eyes look more open and refreshed. The operation of upper lid blepharoplasty takes between 1 and 2 hours. The principle is to remove the excess tissue, mainly skin, with a little bit of fat if needed from the inner corner.
Sometimes we have to some debulking laterally where some other fat from underneath the eyebrow has slid down into the lid. Once we remove this excess tissue, this creates a more refreshed, younger and aesthetically pleasing appearance around the eyes.

How does eyelid surgery work?

The surgery is done under local anaesthetic here at Clinica London, and you can expect to spend about 4-5 hours with us on the day of surgery. We do the surgery under local anaesthetic which means having eye drops and local infiltration of anaesthetic into the eyelid. After that, we thoroughly numb the eyelids, and you will not feel anything. I make an incision in the natural skin line of the upper eyelid through which it is possible for me to remove the excess skin and fatty tissue. This incision leaves a very fine scar which lies in the natural skin crease of the eyelid. It’s virtually invisible!
Many patients having cosmetic blepharoplasty comment that they have a functional improvement after blepharoplasty because the excess skin had been interfering with their peripheral vision called the visual field especially in the upper and outer part of their vision.

Eyelid surgery can make you look more attractive and youthful and potentially improve your vision too

As well as cosmetic blepharoplasty there is a whole group of patients who are usually more elderly and have more excessive tissue laxity and hooding and baggy eyelids, and they are seeking blepharoplasty for medical or functional reasons to take away the feeling of heaviness from the eyelids and to improve the visual field.
Not only just blepharoplasty help restore the appearance of your eyes so that they look much more attractive and youthful, but also can help improve the peripheral vision and take away the feeling of heaviness that so many patients do complain about, particularly towards the end of the day. At the same time as surgery, we can do a chemical peel either to the eyelids and periorbital area to help tighten and rejuvenate the skin itself.


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