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Smiling a lot can cause crow’s feet around the eyes but we have a treatment to keep you smiling!
Crow’s feet around the eyes are the fine crinkle lines clustered at the outer corners of the eyes that appear with age. These lines can appear from as early as the mid 30’s.
Initially, the crow’s feet are only visible on active smiling. But with time (age), they remain permanently as fine lines radiating outwards from the outer corners of the eyes. Even when you are not smiling (static lines). Crow’s feet can also develop from excessive sun exposure and smoking.
Even though crow’s feet are often a result of smiling, we have solutions to keep you smiling without worrying about them.
Injectable Botulinum Toxin (Botox) just under the lateral end of the eyebrow, where the crow’s feet are, is perfect for getting rid of crow’s feet. However, it is a temporary treatment and has to be repeated every 3 to 4 months. Injecting a small amount of Restylane filler into the upper outer brow and the lateral canthus can also delicately re-volumise the area and reduce crow’s feet lines, using either skin boosters or Restylane with Lidocaine.
If you have any questions about crow’s feet around the eyes or would like to see a consultant about your crow’s feet, contact us.


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