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Customers flock to our clinic to get their crow’s feet fixed Crow’s feet are the radiating lines that crinkle around our eyes when we smile – resembling the feet of a crow. They usually appear when we’re in our thirties, and they can be quite attractive in that they show a happy person.
Unfortunately, however, they often leave small lines and, because we smile a lot, they gradually become deeper and heavier, and they extend further. Many patients want to have these laughter lines – or smile lines – treated with Botulinum toxin A to help them to look younger.
Botulinum toxin A – otherwise known as Botox – is a particularly effective treatment for crow’s feet, especially for men, who have powerful depressor muscles of the eyebrows and stronger orbicularis oculi muscles at the corners of their eyes, giving them very deep crow’s feet.
Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and some patients love crow’s feet and would not dream of letting me inject them with Botulinum toxin, whereas others come to see me specifically so that they can have their laughter lines treated with Botox.
With men, I find that they often have such strong orbicularis oculi muscles that I have to use higher doses to smooth out their deep crow’s feet.
You will be surprised how many men have Botulinum toxin A treatment. Some of them choose to have it for their forehead muscles, which cause glabella lines and horizontal forehead lines, but there are a large number of men who want only their crow’s feet treating because they feel that they are becoming too pronounced and that it makes them look aged.
If you have crow’s feet and you would like these lines treated, whether they are still fine lines or deeper grooves, you can make an appointment to have an assessment with me and subsequently undergo treatment at Clinica London.


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