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Dark circles: Find the best treatment
Dark circles under the eyes can make you look tired or visually appear older. People may say to you “Have you had any sleep?”, “What’s wrong?”, or “Are you alright?” and this can be very demoralising and zap your confidence. Thankfully, there are several tried and tested methods that can help minimise the problem.
Continue reading if you want to discover the latest techniques used to correct dark circles.

Causes of dark circles

There are a few factors that can cause dark circles, such as genetic colouring of the skin, or a thin skin with semi-visible eye muscle below it.
Other factors include cheek descent, with hollowing in the tear trough area at the top of the cheek (triangular atrophy) and the malar line, plus nasojugal line (the nasojugal line being the trans cheek depression and hollow, which forms between fat pads as the cheek descends with age).

The best treatments for your dark circles

Products to effectively remove dark circles

Many patients that come to the clinic are concerned with dark circles. Many have already tried lightening creams and moisturising eye creams, but often without enormous success. This is because they haven’t heard about TearFill.
TearFill is a technique which uses Restylane and Lidocaine into the tear trough area. This treatment can help reduce the under eye hollows and dark circles, as well as rejuvenating the under eye areas.


At Clinica, the procedure involves using  TearFill through a single port cannula through a single port cannula. Approximately 0.5 ml of Restylane and Lidocaine is introduced in little layers to the deep tissue of the tear trough area. This usually addresses the dark circles.
A base support at the lid cheek junction with Restylane or Perlane is also part of the procedure. This helps to build up the cheek area, where there may be cheek descent or malar hyperplasia (flattening of the front of the cheek bone just where it joins up with the lid). This technique ensures results are as natural looking as possible.

Importance of Eye Cream

An everyday skin care routine is important in keeping the skin looking as fresh, youthful and healthy as possible. The under eye area particularly remains one of the key areas to focus on, since the way light reflects off the skin will dictate how light or dark the skin looks. By increasing the volume, this can certainly improve the way the light reflects, making dark circles less noticeable. Keeping the skin well hydrated will also contribute to rejuvenating the eye area.
Eye creams, such as those by La Roche-Posay, will also help in our quest for eye rejuvenation. La Roche-Posay specifically treats dark circles with TearFill and is one of the best possible creams on the market.
There are different La Roche-Posay eye creams to choose from, and the cream you will need depends on your skin type:

Toleriane Ultra Eye Coutour

Toleriane Ultra Eye Coutour gives immediate and long-lasting relief from dryness. It also helps with discomfort around the eye contour area.  It is ideal for use in the morning for sensitive skins.

Hydraphase Intense Eyes

Hydraphase Intense Eyes has more hydration than other creams. As such, it is recommended for the sensitive and more dehydrated skin.

Redermic Eyes

Redermic Eyes is useful in targeting eye wrinkles and provides a bright, refreshed look. It is perfect for patients aged 40 plus because it contains a small amount of retinol, 0.1% pure retinol, plus 0.1% retinol booster, plus 0.2% caffeine. It smoothes out the appearance of accentuated wrinkles. Redermic Eyes also help the under eye area look refreshed and more luminous. It is suitable for sensitive skin.


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