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Discover how to look younger – fix your ptosis

If you would like to fix your ptosis, you will likely require eyelid surgery. Ptosis is a condition where the upper eyelid, either one or both lids, very gradually droop and get in the way of the vision or look cosmetically unsatisfactory.
As a young adult, you can sometimes get a slight droop on one eyelid to start with which looks sleepy.

The eyelids will require examination by the oculoplastic surgeon. When I examine you, I make sure that there is no serious cause for the droop, other than a little bit of thinning of the levator muscle aponeurosis. That is the thin part of the muscle that inserts into the skin crease and helps to lift your eyelid on a daily basis, every second of the day. The aponeurosis is remarkably delicate, like thin silk, and often stretches out with time, wear and tear, and hence the eyelid drops slightly. That can give you a very sleepy look and need fixing.
Ptosis can be variable at different times of the day because we all have compensatory mechanisms to correct mild ptosis. You may well find that it is not so bad at the beginning of the day, but towards the end of the day you get a little bit of a headache on the forehead and the eyelid starts to drop.

That is most likely because you have a compensatory brow lift which is correcting for the small ptosis during the day. You must look at your eyebrows and see if they are equal as you may find that the eyebrow on the side, where the lid tends to drop more than the other side, can be slightly elevated during the day. But when you get tired towards the end of the day the eyebrow that was elevated tends to settle down and then the lid drops; this is called compensatory brow lift.

If you want to fix your ptosis you should see myself, Miss Jane Olver Oculoplastic Surgeon at Clinica London because I can examine you and do all the eyelid measurements and advise you whether you have ptosis which is requiring surgery of tucking the little aponeurotic muscle up to lift the eyelid. This procedure is called an eye lift. The purpose is to lift the eyelid to a higher level which will then match the other. If it is both eyelids that are droopy, then I will let you know whether both eyelids need to be operated on.

If you can fix your ptosis, you will no longer look so tired, and you will probably look younger as well. By opening up the eyes, you can regain a youthful look, by correcting the natural droop that can occur in some patients as we age Ptosis is not uncommon in young people as young as the mid-20s or 30s, and it gets increasingly more common in patients as they age.

I see a lot of patients in the over 45 group who have a droopy eyelid. Very often they also want to have a blepharoplasty at the same time to help them look younger, particularly in the older group where the skin on the eyelids gets wrinkly.

I even get patients in their 60s and 70s who have ptosis and want to fix their ptosis to help them look younger. So to discover how you can look younger by fixing your ptosis you can come and see me for a ptosis assessment, and I will advise you if you are suitable for the surgery and give you all the details that you will require. I will also do your surgery here at Clinica London.


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