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Do men have fillers?
Yes, they do. Men are almost just as likely to want hyaluronate filler such as Restylane in the area under their eyes than women. In fact, I would say that they want more filler because the Asian man and the fit, slim man often have marked under-eye hollows, dark circles or “tear troughs”, which they find make them look tired or older than they feel.
In particular, Asian men will tell me that their dark circles run in their family and they do not want to end up looking like their father. We get very satisfactory results with the Asian upper cheek, lid junction and under-eye area.
Similarly, with fit men who have slim faces that are very angular looking, with hollows under the eyes and across the cheeks, they want to soften these areas, yet remain slim and healthy looking, and so they request Restylane and Juvederm filler.
I use TearFill in the under-eye area. I also fill the upper cheeks and the trans-cheek hollow and work around the lower face from the chin, treating the marionette lines and nasolabial folds.
Nowadays, there is no stigma associated with men wanting non-surgical aesthetic treatments. The work is done discreetly. Our clients may tell their partners and their friends, but they do not tell everybody else, and so they want their appearance to be very natural looking. For this reason, they also want as little downtime as possible.
With non-surgical treatment with fillers, men can have an instant, same-day rejuvenation which will make them look and feel much better. They will also find that they look healthier and younger.
Although a small amount of bruising, swelling and slight tenderness can occur in the first few days following treatment, it is usually very discreet, if present, and rapidly settles down. Most men return straight to work the same day they have had treatment.


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