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Does chalazion surgery hurt?
It is quite natural to be apprehensive about surgery on an eyelid lump called chalazia.
Chalazion surgery is done under local anaesthetic, so the whole of the surface of the eye and the eyelid affected is numbed by the use of drops and a small amount of infiltration with local anaesthetic.
Yes, it does sting when the local anaesthetic is infiltrated, but after that, all you will feel is a little bit of stretch, possibly pressure, but no pain.
After the local anaesthetic has worn off, there may be a dull ache, which is not needing anything more than Paracetamol in the first 24 hours.
The eyelid will be quite red and puffy for about 48 hours, together with a little bit of bruising, which rapidly goes away.
Jane Olver, Jaheed Khan and Laura Crawley are the consultant ophthalmologists at Clinica London who treat chalazia and carry out incision and curettage.


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