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Droopy eyelids making you look sleepy when you’re not? Get droopy eyelid surgery

get droopy eyelid surgery

Droopy eyelids are called ptotic eyelids. If you have droopy eyelids they can make you look quite sleepy and sluggish and yet you may not be feeling so.
After a long day at work when you have been looking at a computer, and your eyes are feeling dry because you have not been blinking your upper eyelids often start to close up of a bit.
During the morning they have looked a lot more open because you have been using your eyebrows and forehead muscle to lift the eyelids up. So, you have been looking more sparkly and awake, but as you get more tired during the day, the forehead muscle called the frontalis can no longer work so hard. The eyebrows drop, and the eyelids go down to their droopy resting position, and you look and feel tired.

Putting in eye drops do not help

Drops might help how the eyes feel. They would then feel less dry, but drops would not help to lift the eyelids. That makes common sense, doesn’t it? Lubricating eye drops cannot lift the eyelids, but surgery can. So if you have droopy eyelids which make you look sleepy when you are not, did you realise you can consider getting droopy eyelid surgery?
Did you know that droopy eyelid surgery has done under local anaesthetic as a day case and that it takes about five to ten days to recover from it regarding a little bit of bruising and swelling and having the stitches out? The results if you get droopy eyelid surgery are extremely good and are in the range of 70 to 75% of patients will get a super result, and the rest will get an improvement. Very few patients having droopy eyelid surgery have to have the surgery twice, and the effect is long lasting for many, many years.
get droopy eyelid surgery

Younger people in their 20s and 30s with droopy eyelids do not like to look sleepy when they are not because it gives the wrong message. They want to look dynamic and lively. Older patients in their 40s, 50 and 60s also do not want to look sleepy when they are not because it often makes them look intellectually duller or less quick off the mark and that can affect how they interrelate with their clients, with people at work, their colleagues and family.
If they are expressing an emotion or appearance that is not really what they intend (such as looking sleepy), then it is time to do something about it. You can get droopy eyelid surgery done after you have had a full assessment of your eyelids including measurements and testing of the strength of the various muscles to make sure there is not a neurological or muscular cause of the droopy eyelids.

The most common cause of droopy eyelids is that it runs in the family or that it has just come on gradually with age. Occasionally patients with contact lenses develop gradual drooping eyelids as well. To look more dynamic and wide awake, your eyelids might need droopy eyelid surgery.


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