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Enjoy a more symmetrical face with an easy lift of droopy eyelids

“I have an asymmetrical face, one eyebrow is higher and I cannot tell which eyelid is normal.Is it the eyelid on the side where the eyebrow is higher, or is it the other eyelid?My face looks asymmetrical, tell me what is happening and what I can do?”

This is the type of question that I often get asked by young patients who are very aware of their face and the symmetry of their eyes. They have noticed that in photos or when they look in the mirror that this is an asymmetry of their face.

Many of us have subtle asymmetries of the bones of our face in the soft tissue, but when you are getting a droopy eyelid on one side, this can exacerbate the asymmetry between the two sides. One compensatory reaction that occurs when you get a droopy eyelid is for the eyebrow on the affected side to lift.

If I push the elevated eyebrow down with my thumb, we often see a worsening of the droopy eyelid, and this tells us that that is the side that is affected. There are other clues as to what side is the problem such as the elevated skin crease on the droopy eyelid side and often lash ptosis or droopiness of the eyelashes. You can regain symmetry of your eyes and face within an easy lift of your droopy eyelid. I can lift your droopy eyelid so that it matches more symmetrically with the other side both regarding its height, curve and the level of the skin crease and the skin fold.

The unilateral droopy eyelid is indeed more common in the younger age group (in their 20s and 30s) and represents a slight thinning of the aponeurosis. That is the very fine diaphanous front part of the muscle that lifts the eye called the levator muscle. During the surgery I lift the eyelid by advancing the aponeurosis back to its normal position and then close the skin crease with very fine stitches and a little bit of TISSEEL fibrin adhesive  This is done almost as an outpatient just under local anaesthetic with you only being in the clinic for a couple of hours.

You can enjoy a more symmetrical face by having an easy lift of your droopy eyelid. The recovery time is very fast and in young people bruising is very minimal.


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