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My eyelid bruise – Part 2

Last weekend I got an eyelid bruise. I fell and hit my eyebrow, which got a small cut on it 5 mm long, and the eyebrow blew an “egg of a bruise”. I pressed on it with a clean towel and continued walking around the garden. Eventually, back in the house, I had another look in the mirror.  I tried ice but found that uncomfortable as the area felt tender. I gently washed it but preferred to leave it untouched.
I fell down on Monday two weeks ago, and the bruise is still there…albeit very different and multi-coloured.
Between Monday and now my bruise has travelled from the eyebrow into the upper eyelid, into the lower lid, into the upper cheek and has changed colour by the hour as it moved down the cheek and into the nasolabial fold. The colours range from dark red, purple and a green-yellow hue.
There was a lot of tenderness and swelling in the eyebrow initially, which is now settled and it is just the bruise left. When the eyelid swelled with light bruising, the eye felt “odd” and the vision a little blurred from eyelid drooping (ptotic) with the weight of the bruise.
Fortunately, I had help at hand, and on the first post-injury day, I put some concealer on it. I used Avene Couvrance (a Compact Foundation Cream Spf30 10g) and eye makeup by Sisley, which is very natural makeup.  It looked perfect. Darkish purple makeup on the other eyelids helped match the two sides.  I went out on the first day in sunglasses, and on the second-day people kept on asking me what had happened.  On the third day, nobody mentioned it at all and today being the fifth day only a couple of people said it because they had similar bruises themselves (being patients), so they knew what I was going through.
My vision improved as the weight of the bruising dropped into my cheek and down to the nasolabial fold. However, the makeup trick on the other eye was no longer enough as I had to use more of the Avene Couvrance on the cheek and nasolabial fold. After a while, I completely forgot about my bruise as I could not feel it and, with the Couvrance, it was mostly hidden and drew fewer comments.
The main thing I have learned is what my patients go through after eyelid surgery. I heard about the whole process of recovery, which can take 5-21 days.  I would suggest as a result of my experience, that not only do they try and put concealer over the eyelid and cheek that has got the bruise if it is just unilateral but that they also put makeup on the other eye.  Apparently, you cannot put concealer or makeup over an area whether there is a cut, whether it is an accident such as mine, or surgical cut with stitches or TISSEEL fibrin adhesive, but you can put a very gentle makeup near the eye to help disguise it.  Using a product such as Avene Couvrance is highly recommended on the more distant bruising.
Camouflaging the bruise can be essential for some people’s self-esteem and helping prevent other people being shocked at what they can see and be concerned about you.  There is slight pain associated with a bruise, and the mild discomfort when you have a bruise around the eye and in the eyelids is only temporary.  It makes the upper eyelid a bit heavier and can blur the vision slightly, but all these things are transitory and gradually day-by-day, as I discovered, my bruise is going away.


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