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“I have no problems looking people in the eye now”

You might remember Heidi from earlier blog posts. It is now three weeks after Heidi’s upper eyelid ptosis surgery. She is back at work, no longer wearing her dark glasses and all the bruising and swelling has gone.
Jane Olver: Heidi, how many weeks post op are you now? And how you are finding it.
Heidi: It’s about three weeks. It’s great; I’m very happy.
Jane Olver: Tell us in what way it has improved compared to before the surgery.
Heidi: I have no problems looking at people in the eye now.
Jane Olver: Has anyone said anything to you?
Heidi: A couple of people have noticed. They said my eyes seem bigger and I look more attractive, actually.
Jane Olver: To me, you are a changed person. You were a young woman, and now you are a confident adult.
Heidi: I am definitely. Definitely, the surgery has helped my confidence. It has virtually recovered. Now it is only slightly sensitive to light sometimes. Nothing else, no itchiness, no pain, or anything.
Jane Olver: In the last week, have you been putting in any drops or ointment at night?
Heidi: No, the drops ran out a few days after my last visit, and I don’t need them now. I was cleaning it every day with saline and doing the ointment as well, neither of which I need now.
Jane Olver: And how does it feel, has it felt a bit dry at all?
Heidi: Sometimes.
Jane Olver: So, I think from now onwards you do not have to do anything at all. There is no need for any drops during the day or ointment at night, and you do not even have to clean it any differently from the other eyelid. You can do anything you want to. You can go swimming; you can do Yoga. What sports do you like?
Heidi: Football, I’m a huge fan of football.
Jane Olver: Could you wait another week before doing football?
Heidi: I can wait, yeah.
Jane Olver: I do not mind you going upside down and doing Yoga, but football, where someone could get a finger or an arm or a toe in your eyelid could be risky. You have to wait another week.
Heidi: Okay, no problem, yeah. I can wait.
Jane Olver: And this is your second postop visit, is it?
Heidi: Yeah, that’s right.
Jane Olver: We will do one last visit in two months and then if everything is perfectly okay then we will discharge you. I think everything will be perfect. What is your mum saying?
Heidi: She is very happy with it. She was crying, actually, because she was so happy for me.
Jane Olver: Fantastic.
Heidi: Then we both cried, she cried, and I cried. Very happy tears.
Jane Olver: Happy tears and new eyelid, that’s great.


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