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Eyelid surgery can result in a natural look

Many patients come to see me asking about upper eyelid surgery. They often want to know if eyelid surgery can result in a natural look. This rejuvenating eyelid surgery is often done on patients from around the age of 50 to 75 years. They unanimously tell me that they want their eyelids to look natural. No longer do they want the tight, elevated look. Instead, they want a subtle natural looking result, so that other people will comment on how well they look, without knowing that they have had surgery.
With eyelid surgery, it is important for the oculoplastic surgeon to know what the patient looked like when they were younger. So, for instance, if they have always had a low upper skin crease with a big upper lid skin fold, the surgeon must not suddenly give them a high skin crease with no skin fold. That is an extreme example, but it is so vital that the surgeon understands the requirements of the patient and specifically, that they want a natural look.
Patients want to keep their own look. This forms their personality, to keep the balance between the three parts of the face (upper, mid and lower face) and look rejuvenated, fresh and non-tired.
Therefore, before considering any eyelid surgery, an oculoplastic assessment with the surgeon is vital. This is so that both surgeon and patient to get an understanding of what the expectations are and what, realistically, can be achieved with eyelid surgery.
At Clinica London, we always do photographic documentation. We want to see old photos. We do eyelid measurements and look at the surface of the eyes on the special slit-lamp (microscope) to make sure there is no dryness. Then we provide a report and a quote for surgery and ask the patient to take the time to think about what they have been told. We want patients to come back in their own time, if and when they are ready for their eyelid surgery.


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