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“My eyes feel dry all the time. They feel like they have grit in them.”

Dry eyes are a common cause of foreign body sensation and grittiness. Dry eyes are more common in air-conditioned environments, especially with extended computer screen use.
Air-conditioning can be troublesome to your eyes when you are in taxis, aeroplanes and cars where it can be very intense. It feels fresh and cool but is terrible for the eyes.

How to reduce symptoms of dry eye

If you are getting grittiness and foreign body sensation from air-conditioning, the sensible thing is to lower or turn off the air-conditioning, put in some lubricant drops, rest your eyes, blink, and if the problem continues then, you should see your ophthalmologist.
Dry eyes are becoming endemic in our population. Younger people, both men and women, experience dry eyes associated with their work and their lifestyle. Our dependence on computers, tablets and mobile phones means that we use our eyes very differently from 10 years ago. Instead of closing our eyes and listening to music we keep them open and fix them on screens which provides forms of light and heat which add to the dryness of our eyes.
Having a lot of computers on in a room increases the temperature in the room, and if there is also air-conditioning, the humidity will be too low, and your eyes will fee dry and gritty. If in doubt about your work environment discuss this with your boss and arranged to have your eyes examined by one of our dry eye specialists here at Clinica London.
The dry eye service consists of Mr Sajjad Ahmad, Ms Jane Olver,  Ms Laura Crawley and Mr Jaheed Khan. All of us will be happy to help you with your dry eyes.


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