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Do your eyes look asymmetrical? Get ptosis correction

People can experience disturbance from another person’s asymmetrical upper eyelids. People can stare at you and not concentrate on what you are saying if they are looking at your eyelid which is asymmetrically drooping.

We frequently do unilateral ptosis surgery in young people. I can help them regain not only a very pleasing cosmetic appearance, but also regain their confidence with other people.

If you have unilateral asymmetrical drooping upper lids, you should consider having eyelid surgery called ptosis correction. 

Did you know that this surgery can be done as a day case under local anaesthetic?

Yes, it can be done as a day case under local anaesthetic here at Clinica London. 

Unilateral ptosis takes about an hour to do, but I do not proceed to any surgery until I have done a full oculoplastic assessment of your eyelids taking a thorough history making sure there is no medical cause for your ptosis, taking all the eyelid measurements and photographs and then offering you ptosis surgery

Ptosis surgery has a very high success rate, particularly in young people.It is way above 75% success. Of the remaining 20%-25% who do not have a perfect result, any residual asymmetry is so minimal that, usually, only the patient staring intently at their eyelids in a mirror or I can see it.

What I aim for is a natural look with both upper eyelids looking overall very symmetrical.Everybody has a tiny bit of asymmetry in them. So although I only quote 75% perfect result of those 20%-25% who may have a little residual asymmetry which is barely detectable less than 8% go on to have further eyelid surgery with time. 

At Clinica London, we have a dedicated operating theatre to carry out local anaesthetic day-case eyelid surgery. We operate on unilateral ptosis from patients aged 15-75. In the younger age-group, they come accompanied by their parent who can go into the theatre. In a more adult group, they can bring their partner into theatre who will sit quietly to the side about 3 metres away from where I am operating. That gives the patient a lot of reassurance. If they do not want to be in the theatre, they wait on the other side of the door in a small anteroom so that they are readily available when their child or partner comes out of the theatre, surgery complete with an eye patch on. 

In conclusion, if you have asymmetrical upper eyelid droop or ptosis, you can take the next step which is to book an appointment for a ptosis assessment with an oculoplastic surgeon such as myself here at Clinica London. We can then decide if you are suitable for ptosis surgery and I will explain to you later at the consultation precisely what is involved with the operation and the aftercare. You will also get an information sheet and a report written specifically for you and a quote for the cost of the surgery after the consultation. That is so that you have all the material available to you to discuss with your family and friends if you would like to book in to have asymmetrical upper eyelid ptosis surgery after at least two weeks reflection at home.


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