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The Face and Eyes – The Reflection of the Soul

We live in a world in which each day every individual puts relatively small importance on themselves, their own needs, and their desires in relation to the rest of the world.
It is their face and eyes, which are important to them and will continue to be the reflection of themselves.
They are often judged as a person by the rest of the world they come into contact with, by their face and the appearance of their eyes, whatever age they are; whether they be a teenager, in the 20s to 30s, 40 to 50s, 60 to 80s.
Our face and the attractiveness of our eyes shows how we feel and reflects our inner soul. Their appearance reflects if we are tired.
We often do not look after ourselves well regarding skin care, diet, sleep, exercise. We often neglect our diet when we are working hard, and our skin is affected, so our face looks lacklustre.
Our face responds when we lose weight and rapidly becomes thinner. Our face also becomes thinner as we get older and genetic factors play a big part in this, not just age.
The original bony shape of our face changes as we get older and then they are the outside influences such as

  • our lifestyle,
  • our day-to-day living,
  • whether we live in a city or the countryside,
  • whether we are working long hours indoors in air conditioning and a dry atmosphere from central heating, or outdoors in the sun whether we wear protection.

Our face is formed by a series of structural elements which are well differentiated such as the cheeks, the mandible (jaw), the chin, the shape of eyebrows, the shape and size of our nose and of course our eyelids whether we have a lot of skin or a little bit of skin, whether we have a high skin crease or a low skin crease, whether we have a fullness below the eyebrows or hollowing.
Our eyes tell the other person how we feel and how we’re reflecting our inner selves or soul. Look the person in the eye and you can tell so much about them as a person, including if they are well or unwell.
Jane Olver at Clinica London sees people for aesthetic assessment and helps them to understand their face and what can be done to readjust the balance if there is one area or one zone which is deteriorating or ageing more quickly than another zone. Ageing changes affect different people in different parts of the face.
This assessment involves her working as an artist and remodelling the face with harmonising volumes to improve the original morphology and basic structures of the face, to transform them as a whole of all the parts and re-establish or establish harmony between the different structural elements of the face and around the eyes.
This can be done with different techniques working in different parts of the face and around the eyes and upper cheeks to adapt its volumes and shape and offer the final result of harmony, symmetry and an increase in beauty which we are all seeking whether we be men or women.
To this end, Jane Olver, as an oculoplastic surgeon, frequently can help to realise small lifting of the eyelids, volume correction with fillers, improving the skin with Tretinoin and other skin care, carry out Ultherapy to tighten the jowls, and other techniques to refine. All small refinements working together to help to harmonise the structures of the face and eyes, and the loss of volume that happens with loss of weight, age and for genetic reasons.
Very often just simple retouching is necessary. It could be

  • a little bit of filler in the temples or the under eye area,
  • in the tear troughs, such as TearFill with Restylane and Lidocaine, or
  • it could be a little bit of hyaluronate filler into the trans-cheek area where the aspect of the face has fallen, and the oval of the cheek is barely visible and needs reforming to rid the face of its sad or tired look.

Remodelling the face using a combination of skin care, filler, Botox and surgery is focused on each person individually and is dependent partly on their age and partly on where the harmonisation of the different zones of the face is required.
In other words, to correct, where there is pronounced disequilibrium, and to eliminate the tired or old aspect favouring our face to give us the identity that we want in our face that reflects how we feel about ourselves and becomes indeed the mirror of our souls.
Jane Olver
Consultant Ophthalmologist, Oculoplastic & Lacrimal Surgeon, PRSQ


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